Wisconsin: The Front-runners Stumble

Posted April 6th, 2016 by Iron Mike

The contrast is noteworthy: Democrat insiders are stressed,  RiNOs are DELIGHTED!
Wisconsin  Trump  Hillary
It means tons more money about to be poured into brutal TV advertising.

For the rest of April Hillary faces 7 more contests:  Wyoming, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

Trump only 6, because Wyoming’s Republicans tightly controlled by Dick Chaney – voted on March 12th for Ted Cruz and Rubio.

At this point the DNC and the Clintonistas should be worried.

Even if Hillary still commands a decisive majority of delegates and super-delegates,  – her vulnerability in a contested election has been laid bare for all to see.

AND, her phalanx of media sycophants may be deserting her…..

After all, the aging Commie makes just as good headlines and sells ink too….

And it becomes more obvious each day that even if Hillary is the nominee,  – she’ll have to take Sanders as her Vice President….or lose ALL of his young supporters – who will walk away and stay home.


As their worst nightmare – Trump – continues to lose contests to Cruz,  with Kasich nibbling at the edges,  – they are most certainly headed for a contested and ugly convention in Cleveland – the kind of place where big money talks in back rooms.

No secret that the ‘Establishment’ wants a combination of Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush – two easily programmable and reliably obedient robots  – guaranteed to maintain open borders and the status quo.  DAMN the ‘People’!

Their dilemma is to dump Trump without pissing off the millions of new Republicans he’s brought into the political process in under year. These voters want a WALL, they want new trade deals and the new jobs that would result, – and they want a halt to Muslim immigration….

How can they posture Romney or Bush to sound like Trump – long enough to win in November, – before they cave in and do nothing…..

For BOTH parties – and for the 5 remaining contenders,…the situation is now dire, – and thus we’ll see political ads become very barbed and some downright ugly.

If there is any remaining dirt on Cruz or Kasich, it will be spilled….

If Sanders wants to remain viable, – despite his recent ‘wins’ – he’ll have to destroy Hillary – by educating his young followers about her life of lies and scandals.

I doubt he has that in him….he’s a ranter and a rabble-rouser,  not a knife-fighter.

Benghazi Dead

Can he even bring himself to say “Benghazi”…?

Hillary on the other hand has proven many times that she’s comfortable making people have unexplained accidents….and making airplanes crash….

Ron Brown  Vince Foster

Folks,…it’s still a LONG LONG time to November 8th…. A LOT can happen….

5 Responses to “Wisconsin: The Front-runners Stumble”

  1. FLICK

    All that money spent to campaign. It would be better spent providing ObamaPhones, ObamaInternet Access or ObamaFoodStamps.

    OR; we could RESTORE our MILITARY and defeat Isis (Isil per our Nobel Fraud-In-Chief).

  2. Jim Gettens

    Real, thinking Republicans are DELIGHTED!

    See http://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-we-knew-ye-1459900017

  3. Tom Gilroy

    The big winners in this run up to the election, no doubt is the electronic media running every ad available from the PAC, the GOP and DNC establishments and the respective candidates, Hillary, Bernie, The Donlad, Lying zYed and delusional John, the mailman’s son. Will this ad blitz win or sway the electorate or will they just fill the coffers of the media. I’ll bet on the latter rather than the former.

  4. Walter Knight

    Even though they don’t seem to like each other, Trump should bite the bullet and offer Cruz the Vice-Presidency. They’re both hated by establishment Republicans, and would make an interesting match on the campaign trail.

    Would they get along after elected? Sure, why not? Trump could send his Vice-President on diplomatic errands to far away places.

  5. Clinton ma tea party