Wiretapping, Unmasking, Lying Under Oath!

Posted September 21st, 2017 by Iron Mike

The self-appointed New Borderless World Order Oligarchs grew very powerful under Obama,  and he actively encouraged them.  Americans haven’t witnessed this kind of criminal behavior in government here since the days of Thomas Hutchinson and General Thomas Gage.

They were well on their way to destroying our Constitution and replacing it with Socialism,  – and they were determined to scuttle Trump at all costs.  They damn near succeeded!

To understand them,  understand that for decades they’ve lived in a world totally detached from the American People.  They live in a world of power, privilege, and secret illegal deals – where they get rich, and “screw the peasants”.  That scenario has played out from the very beginnings of recorded civilization.

So breaking a few laws,  – violating the 4th Amendment,  – lying under oath all seemed fully warranted and justified…for their cause.

This is the same imperial mentality which has caused kings, emperors, and dictators across the span of history to enslave or kill off whole tribes of annoying or unwanted ‘lesser people’.   When power has gone to the heads of essentially evil and arrogant people,  laws and lives no longer matter.

So now we know – Manifort, Page, Trump Jr., Flynn and likely a dozen others were wiretapped,  – then unmasked,  – in the attempt to find DIRT on Trump – and derail the Trump Train.

As you read this Robert Mueller is STILL TRYING.  Whether you see it as a fishing expedition or a witch-hunt,  understand that Mueller THINKS he’s on a righteous and holy crusade….

…because none of them can imagine someone running for President who isn’t either corrupt – or committed to their New Borderless World Order vision.

The Oligarchs can only see Trump as demonic and deranged,  – because since they were young patriots, – they lost their way,  – lost their souls,  – and have totally forgotten the OATHS they took to our Constitution.  Their ‘loyalty’ lies now with their vision of the future.

There are a LOT of these people, and you should be rightfully worried.  Some are teaching your kids in our public schools.

Jeff Sessions may or may not be the right man to rip this open and send these criminals where they belong.  He may be too soft-hearted to fully fathom their cunning and their evil,  – or to believe the wiretapping scheme was so broad.

As far as the wiretappers and eavesdroppers go,  – they assumed that they were being very clever – providing themselves “plausible deniability” – by working through the British Intelligence Services – the GCHQ – to do the actual dirty work,  – so Obama Administration fingerprints couldn’t be found on any of it.

If you haven’t connected the dots yet,  – understand that today the Mueller investigation with his 17 lawyers and 2 grand juries – is a giant smoke screen designed to (1). cover up the Oligarch’s crimes, and (2). still try to undermine the hated Trump.

These people do not have America’s interests at heart. They are traitors!

John Brennan – polished unflappable liar hiding behind national security:

CLAPPER:  Barely able to conceal his annoyance and contempt.

Sally Yates – Dep Attorney General under Loretta Lynch – throws blame back on the various agencies:

9 Responses to “Wiretapping, Unmasking, Lying Under Oath!”

  1. Jim Gettens

    By Obama spying/hack victim, reporter Sharyl Attkisson:


    The FBI, NSA, CIA, DNI…as the new STASI/KGB.

    Is this a great country or what???

  2. Jim Gettens

    And check this out–Samantha Power, Obama’s ‘Unmasking’ Queen:


  3. John Pagel

    Off with their heads.

  4. Kojack

    Great post, Mike, probably beyond the comprehension of any snowflakes or old liberals who may be reading it.

    “Jeff Sessions may or may not be the right man to rip this open and send these criminals where they belong. He may be too soft-hearted to fully fathom their cunning and their evil…..”

    I have great respect for Jeff Sessions but he’s not the one to get this particular job done.
    The fact that he said he WOULD NOT PROSECUTE LOUIS LERNER is an indicator that he does not have what it takes to take on this difficult and necessary task.

  5. MC

    One would have to conclude that if nothing is done about those that have lied to Congress and/or have committed illegal acts aren’t prosecuted than the entire congress is composed of liars and crooks.

    Not that we didn’t know that there are different classes – them and the rest of us – but if we had done this in a lower court locked steel doors would be in our future.

  6. Integrity 1st

    Sessions needs to get on TOP of all this NOW, or there is no draining of the swamp to be done. Why on earth would there be any reluctance to take these people down, especially since their main target is Trump?

  7. Jim Gettens

    Here’s Gregg Jarrett, Esq., Fox News, on incompetent, unethical, feckless, gutless AG Sessions:


  8. John 'Ben' Beninati

    I have to agree with all the replies and if we cannot vote in honest politicians on both sides, the country is doomed.

  9. Sherox

    Sessions is worried about the drug dealers but not the Clintons?