Winnie Mandela: Dead At 81

Posted April 2nd, 2018 by Iron Mike

Spin time for the Propaganda Ministry!   Nelson Mandela’s ex-wife has died of old age and embedded evil. The Media will re-cast her as a saint.

She was Mandela’s wife – bore him 2 daughters,  – and kept his movement alive during his 27 years in prison. But she was also the closest thing the 20th Century had to a female war-lord;  – she ordered dozens of murders and public executions,  – many by the practice of ‘necklacing’ – placing a gasoline soaked tire around the victim’s neck and setting it ablaze.  Hardly an Abigail Adams or Martha Washington!

This is the IMAGE that Winnie wanted to leave the world with,  – the kindly grandmother bringing books to a poor school….

But Winnie was all for necklacing,  and she dispatched her personal thugs – the Mandela United Football Club (no, not really a soccer team) to murder and intimidate,  – even as she was ripping off party funds.

From the beginning,  the South African anti-Apartheid movement was never about achieving political equality with the white-supremacist government;

it was always a race war,  often cleverly camouflaged.

Today the government is encouraging the outright murder of White farmers,  even as the nation sinks into chaos and economic ruin.

Reminds me a lot of the insanity of Black Lives Matter!

Think Obama gave a shit about South Africa’s future back in December 2013,  when he attended Mandela’s funeral…?

One Response to “Winnie Mandela: Dead At 81”

  1. Panther 6

    The woman was despicable and her passing should not be mourned by anyone who gives a tinkers damn about South Africa. Maybe BHO will want to go to the funeral. Go and stay.