William Lacy Clay: His Sister’s Keeper?

Posted July 17th, 2017 by Iron Mike

We wonder if certain Democrats have a need to see their names and faces in the news, – or if there is a different mental defect at work.

Missouri Democrat William Clay (remember the pig picture?) reveals he’s been sending checks from his Re-election Fund to his sister’s Silver Spring law firmWhy?

Clay and a few others made the news earlier this year when he hung an offensive painting in the Cannon Tunnel (links the Cannon office building with the Capitol).  The painting depicted the police as pigs.

Republicans took it down.

And Clay and his cohorts from the Congressional Black Caucus hung it up again, – several times.

Clay may feel a sense of emboldenment – he is the second William Clay to hold that Missouri Seat – his father “Bill” Clay had it from 1961 until William took over.

The younger Clay has himself been on the public payroll for some 34 years,  – so playing fast and loose with Taxpayer Money and Campaign Funds is sort of the only thing he’s ever known.

As for helping Little Sister,….it didn’t take long to figure out why he has to do it.   Apparently being a Black Female Attorney in an exclusive upscale town like Silver Spring just isn’t enough on it’s own to attract paying clients.   Guess the Obama Economy didn’t help this Black Lawyer…? 

It looks like William is paying to keep her office open.

Maybe she should’a run for office…?

4 Responses to “William Lacy Clay: His Sister’s Keeper?”

  1. John C. "JD" Davis

    (Papa Oscar Sierra) all of them.


  2. Walter Knight

    I realize indictments take time, but eventually I want to see the flood gates open.

  3. Kojack

    Embezzlement, fraud, ignorance, betraying the public trust….all necessary characteristics for DEMOCRAPS to earn the support of their base.

  4. Hawk1776

    These black politicians are more corrupt than some of the famous corrupt white politicians such as Boss Tweed, John Michael Curley and Mayor Richard Daley. Like father like son, and screw the constituents.