Willard Is Now A German Defense Expert

Posted June 30th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Trump has been working tirelessly for 3½ years to strengthen NATO,  – to get Europe to step up and pay and contribute their fair share, – and to stop acting subservient to Russia, China, Islam, and Globalism.   Pushing the ever-recalcitrant Merkel to act decisively, – Trump announced a US troop cut in Germany.

Immediately Willard the vengeful rat-bastard sprang into action with a bill designed to handcuff the Commander-in-Chief.

Romney’s draft bill would force the DOD to CERTIFY that any pull-down of US Troops in Germany would be in the national security interest of the United States;  and

Will not undermine the security of United States allies and European partners;

Will not undermine the deterrence and the defense posture of NATO;

Will not pose unacceptable risk to the ability of the Armed Forces to execute contingency plans of DoD;

Will not adversely impact operations of the Armed Forces, including operations of United States Central Command and the United States Africa Command;

Will not negatively impact military families;

Will not result in significant additional costs for redeployment and relocation of U.S. troops.

Not to be unkind,  but most of the warrior gene pool of the German Army died in North Africa,  Sicily,  Italy,  France,  and on the Russian Front.  What survived has been diluted by 4 generations of European Liberalism.

Americans should watch,  understand,  and learn,  – because it’s happening here.

Chancellor since 2005,  Merkel spent most of her younger years in East Germany,  living under the Russian boot. 

She seems to have no strong instincts about Russian ambitions,  is far more interested in importing hordes of Muslim “refugees”.  Under her leadership – the German military has suffered.

Let’s just pretend we have an Army;  – after all the Americans are here!”

Romney has allies in his attempt to hobble Trump,  – he is joined by five co-sponsors….each a military and diplomatic genius in their own right… (sure!).

Remember that neither Willard or ANY of his 5 sons have ever served a day in uniform.

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  2. Walter Knight

    I thought Romney was only an expert on Ukraine.

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