Will Vane Brian Williams Scuttle MSNBC?

Posted March 7th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Proving that 21st Century Americans SUCK at basic Math,  Brian Williams goes on the air – with a graphic,  – to lend credibility to an internet myth about Mike Bloomberg’s recent campaign spending….

Well,  this fake war hero was only off by six (6) zeros….  The sad part is that having seen his broadcast, many foolish Americans will believe this hoax. 2 videos:

QUESTION BRIAN:  Can you wait for the Old Commie Bernie to forcibly take rich peoples’ money, – or do you expect millionaires to just start writing checks now.

You’re rich, how many checks will YOU write…?

“My CH-47 was hit by an RPG….”

Brian is one of those RICH liberals – carrying around a lot of rich liberal guilt, – but he isn’t writing any checks!

2 Responses to “Will Vane Brian Williams Scuttle MSNBC?”

  1. panther 6

    Brian W is another leftist commentator who thinks that whatever he says will be believed and few if any will call him out on his inaccuracies. In this case I think he was just wrong in his math but he got caught.


    Sir, you may be giving him TOO MUCH benefit of the doubt…

    He WANTED to believe it, so did his guest Mara Gay…

    AND so did his production staff that prepared the graphic – and didn’t catch the whopping math blunder.

    The idea that Millionaires and Billionaires are “hogging all the money” is widely believed by greedy young fools,…who think Bernie will give them their “fair share”

  2. Catherine

    The quick answer is that as long as it’s “other people’s money” there is no functional difference in their minds between one million dollars, and a buck and a half. And the kvetcher thinks that somehow HE has a say in what is or is not a proper use of someone else’s funds.

    Bloomberg has lots of money, and he spent it where HE wanted to spend it. The underlying assumption is that he “should” have spent it by handing it out to other people. The entire concept that anyone else has authority to determine how ANYONE ELSE spends their OWN money is promotion of slavery. If you cannot determine what happens to you – or to the things, including money, that you worked to create – then you are a slave. Redistributionists of any ilk (including “mini Mike” himself) are advocates of enslavement of the population.