Will Union Members Wake Up?

Posted September 2nd, 2019 by Iron Mike

It’s been 34 months since Trump was elected – since the Obama Economy suddenly and dramatically turned around,  – and people started going back to work – now in record numbers…

Will America’s unionized workers continue to feed the parasitic Democrat party that sent so many of their jobs to China,  – leaving behind empty factories and drug-fueled crumbling cities?

QUESTION: How can the Obamas – with just a few book deals and 1 presidential pension ($207,800/year),  – afford two expensive college tuitions and a Martha’s Vineyard estate,…unless the Chinese are paying him under the table to control what you see on Netflix?

Why does the Democrat Party march in lockstep to the Gods of Global Warming, threatening to bankrupt and close coal mines and coal-fired electrical plants, – while union leaders keep feeding them money and remaining mute about American jobs…?

Why do college-educated (brainwashed?) union school teachers continue to propagandize young American minds with Common Core and Global Warming,…EVEN as they teach twisted versions of American and World History?

Are rank & file union teachers so beguiled by union bullshit that they cannot do the basic math?  Do they STILL not realize that bankrupt cities and towns will NEVER be able to pay their exorbitant retirement benefits in their old age?

Do they not read the news?  Do they not understand how evil and corrupt Hillary Clinton is?  Have they no honor?   No shame?

Like many of America’s political families (Roosevelts, Kennedys, Romneys, Carnahans, Udalls, Dingells, Browns, Cuomos, Bushs, Clintons), – union leadership seems to run in some families.  Rank and file members seldom have any say about what names are on their ballots….

Lonnie Stephenson,  what are you thinking?

In 2016, most Law Enforcement unions realized that Hillary represented the continuation of a criminal enterprise, – and they ignored their union leadership and quietly voted for Trump.

It’s time for ALL UNION MEMBERS to do some serious soul-searching – about what’s good for their families – 1 and 2 generations from now, – and if they really want our land over-run by Muslims, Mexicans, and other unvetted illegals from the Third World.

In most union families the anti-Republican talk at the dinner table goes back three and four generations – into the 1800s….

It will take some real THINKING for some union workers to understand that Republicans are NOT the enemy, – the Chinese Communists and their Democrat allies really are

3 Responses to “Will Union Members Wake Up?”

  1. Sherox

    I have a more fundamental question, if global warming is true and the statements that the sea is rising faster here in New England than in other places, why then would the Obamas buy a piece of property that is so close to the ocean that is going to be destroyed by climate change within 12 years? Could it be that they know that what they are saying is BS?


    Maybe the SAME REASON Al Gore bought an ocean-front house in Malibu – just SIX FEET above high tide level…?

    They all know it’s a great hoax to train the lemmings (us) to believe GOVERNMENT FACTS and FOLLOW GOVERNMENT EDICTS.

  2. Leonard Mead

    Union support is so IMPRINTED in families, it will take Trump’s second term when he summarily closes down many worthless federal agencies (depts of of labor, agriculture,education, transportation, etc) and then declares most other unions are UNCONSTITUTIONAL MONOPOLIES for union members to wake up and realize that good job performance–not union membership– is the best path to job security and family wealth creation.

    Len Mead,
    Unwashed Conservative

  3. Hawk1776

    The Democratic Party has always been supported by Blacks, Jews, and union members. It time for them to ask what the Democrats have done for them. The sound of silence should drive them to the Republican Party.