Will This Photo Be Admitted Into Evidence?

Posted August 21st, 2014 by Iron Mike

OK, true the gun wasn’t found at the scene, – and there is no evidence he was carrying it that day… But this is hardly the picture of a “Gentle Giant”!Michael Brown  Ferguson MO  with gun

Anybody suspect that ~ maybe ~ Michael probably didn’t have a Missouri Carry License…? Think that maybe he had that pistol before he turned 18…?  Wonder where it is now?

UPDATE: Mon 25 Aug 2014 – – Several readers have pointed out recent reports that this photo may NOT be of Michael Brown;

– but of an accused Portland Oregon murderer – one Joda Cain – accused of killing his 71-yr old great-grandmother.

Since Brown’s death other photos have surfaced, – none very flattering.Michael Brown photographs

The Washington Post sent nine (9) seasoned reporters last week to dig up any dirt they could find on Police Officer Darren Wilson – and came away empty.

In a 70-paragraph op-ed [it sure wasn’t reporting] they used just two sentences to grudgingly admit that Wilson overcame a troubled family background to become a good cop with a squeaky clean record.

Wilson is now a pawn in a big chess game….

The Democrats and their race-baiters want Wilson tried and convicted [they’ll likely settle for 2nd degree homicide] of ‘shooting an unarmed black teenager who was trying to surrender’.

This fits their perpetual story of white enslavement and oppression of Blacks, and helps keep Blacks quiet on the voter plantation.

AND, it negates the need for Blacks – inner-city blacks – to take responsibility for their own lives, their own futures, – and for properly raising their own kids.

After all, they are just victims….again and again….always victims. Give ’em an EBT card and a city job.

So if the Grand Jury finds ‘no probable cause’ – or if a trial jury acquits, – unless it happens in the middle of a January blizzard, – you know there will be more rioting. Then the cry will be “white folks covering up”… Jackson and Sharpton will be there again.

7 Responses to “Will This Photo Be Admitted Into Evidence?”

  1. Vic

    Where is it now? I bet he left it at home before he robbed the liquor store.

  2. MC

    Where is it now? Agree Vic! at home because he knew he could intimidate the clerk with his size and a shove here or some knuckles there.

    Want to bet that wasn’t the first time he had done that!

  3. Casey Chapman

    Either that, or he sold it to buy drugs. again. and again.

  4. Walter Knight

    Notice that Officer Wilson’s shattered eye socket from the attack isn’t getting much play in the media. Demonstrations and riots in Ferguson are nothing more than mob rule to lynch a police officer, any police officer, it doesn’t really matter who.

    Why Ferguson? Check out the apartments in the background of the shooting. They look nice. Ferguson is a nice town. Lots of big houses. However, when the rent is paid by government subsidized housing, what happens is a constant turnover of renters, imported from St. Louis bringing the ghetto to the suburbs. It’s hard to get away from assholes when the government pays to move them next door.

  5. Jim Gettens

    By the way, Hawaiian Punch is code for the so-called ‘Knockout Game.’ Michael Brown–6’4″, 290 lb. criminal, doper, bully, AND coward.

  6. Jamie

    I guess you haven’t read that this photo is not of Michael Brown but of a murderer in Oregon.


    So, to answer your question: No, it will not be submitted as evidence.

  7. Zimmerman

    Are you fucking kidding me, this is the reason why racism still exists. I hope you realize white kids still deal drugs and still carry guns.