Will The Lady Walk Free?

Posted November 13th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Burma [aka Myanmar] recently held elections.  The country has been ruled by various flavors of a military junta since 1962.  One of the generals who led Burma’s struggle for freedom from British colonial rule was Aung San – who also founded the Burmese Communist party.  He was assassinated for his efforts. 

His daughter Aung San Suu Kyi became a believer in Democracy and became the face of the Democracy Movement in Burma.  For most of the past 22 years she has been either in prison or under house arrest.  Today, secure with the results of their fresh ‘elections’, the Burmese Army is about to free her,…with conditions…

But this Lady is stubborn.  With the eyes of the world upon her – this [real] Nobel Piece Prize winner is staying put – until all ‘conditions’ are lifted.  By doing nothing at all she brings further embarrassment and attention upon the generals.

If you ever need to teach somebody about the value of our 2nd Amendment – tell them about Burma. 

The country was overrun easily by the Japanese Army in WWII.  The Japanese were trying to reach India before the British could reinforce their colony.  But Burma became strategic to the Allies who were trying to supply the Chinese in their fight against the Japs.  Look up ‘Burma Road’ and ‘Merrill’s Marauders’.

After WWII, a number of political factions, mostly former guerilla groups armed and trained by the Brits and the Americans during WWII,  contended for political power and to get the British to relinquish control. 

What was happening in Burma went almost unnoticed by the world – already weary of war.  Besides, the struggles in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, in India, in China, in Korea and Indo-China overshadowed Burma. 

But as always, the guys with the guns made the rules, and the people without them simply smiled and bowed.  Today in Burma [Myanmar] only the Army has guns, and justice is whatever the Army says it is.  

Aung San Suu Kyi has been a visible and painful thorn in the side of the Burmese Army for decades.  I wish her well, and hope she lives to see a free Burma in her old age.  But a quick study of history shows what happens when you piss off people with guns and absolute power.

Probably the only thing keeping her alive these past years has been the Army’s desire not to see her become a martyr – as her father became.  No matter what happens, she is a lady worthy of our admiration and our respect,…and our prayers.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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