Will The French Behead Emmanuel Macron?

Posted December 8th, 2018 by Iron Mike

With armored cars now needed to guard the Arc de Triomphe,  and tear gas used for the fourth weekend in a row,…how much longer can France’s Boy President stay in power?

Mind you,  France’s 10% Muslim population has thus far stayed off the streets and out of it….  video: 

It was back on 17 May 2016 when Macron won the French Presidency.v At first he was immensely popular.  But political fortunes change quickly, -vand his preoccupation with Climate Change and Muslim immigrants contrasted sharply with Trump pulling out of the Climate Change Accords and wanting a WALL to keep unwanted and expensive immigrants out of America.

It doesn’t much matter where you look;  France,  Greece,  Cuba,  Venezuela,….Socialism is FAILING – miserably – to achieve the Utopian dream life its slick-talking salesmen always promise.

Instead it quickly delivers poverty, hunger, and national bankruptcy.

This is a 3½ hour video….of JUST Today’s rioting.

Wanna bet that these events DON’T get discussed next week in your union-infested public high schools…?


UPDATE:  Monday, 10 Dec 2018   Macron to address France at 8 PM Paris time (2 PM New York time).  Will he STILL try selling his countrymen on Climate Change and Carbon Taxes, – or admit failure and reverse course…?

3 Responses to “Will The French Behead Emmanuel Macron?”

  1. Panther 6

    France is in deep trouble and it is just getting worse. Not sure where it will end but I don’t think it will be pretty. This morning was bad.

  2. Vic

    If we ever have to send American troops back to la belle France ever again, I say we claim it as a territory and get it over with.


    And make Democrats go live there Vic…?

  3. Kojack

    “It doesn’t much matter where you look; France, Greece, Cuba, Venezuela,….Socialism is FAILING – miserably –”

    Its a good indicator of how utterly STUPID and CLUELESS supporters of Bernie Sanders, the young babbling idiot from NY and other socialists are.