Will The FAT LADY Sing?

Posted January 22nd, 2015 by Iron Mike

Looks like Charlie Baker is taking his new job seriously, – so unlike Duh-val Patrick. He has appointed 20-year career prosecutor [Middlesex and Worcester Counties] Daniel Bennett as his Executive Secretary of Public Safety.
Daniel Bennett

Andrea Cabral sing ‘MoonBat River’ as she waddles off Stage Left?

Andrea was Sheriff [don’t laugh – it’s true] of Suffolk County when Duh-val tapped her to replace the conspicuously inept Mary Beth Heffernan, – who was best known for her heroic efforts to stay awake during public meetings.

Mary Beth Heffernan w JudyAnn Bigby

Heffernan oversaw [i.e. totally ignored] massive leadership and oversight failures in the Mass Guard, the Mass State Police / Colonel Miriam McGovern, the Compounding Lab / JudyAnn Bigby [50+ dead] and the State Drug Lab /Annie Dookhan scandal – which compromised thousands of criminal cases.

Annie Dookhan arrested

So upon firing Heffernan, Duh-val made her a JUDGE, – then appointed political sign-holder Tommy Tompkins to replace Cabral as Sheriff.

Public Safety and Law Enforcement were not priorities for our First Black Governor; – race, gender, sexual orientation, and AA/EEO were! Competence? Nary a thought!

Tompkins Cabral Deval Patrick

We at RRB truly hope Mister Bennett can clean up the remaining messes, – from the painfully slow issuance of firearms permits, – to the culture of corruption which still infests some in our State Police, – to the utter failure of the Office to anticipate and prepare for natural disasters and terrorism.

Mister Bennett,  Boston and Massachusetts remain high-value targets for terrorists.

Our sports venues, our ports, our tall buildings, our historic landmarks, our bridges and tunnels are all target-rich easily-accessible soft targets.

The last two “Executive Secretaries” were woefully under-qualified failures. They BOTH failed. PLEASE – kick some ass!

Really Dan, you’re replacing a waddling tub of political lard, – who’d replaced a hung-over bimbo.

You can’t help looking like the next Superman – just by showing up sober, – traveling around poking your nose in the closets and corners, – and demanding straight answers to the obvious questions.

Count the days until Cabral files for ‘disability’…i.e. a tax-free retirement check.

UPDATE:   Tuesday, 18 April 2017    FALLOUT!

3 Responses to “Will The FAT LADY Sing?”

  1. Casey Chapman

    I hope Charlie is able to get ALL the inepts out of state jobs. We’ll see. I’m just waiting for some aclu lawyer to show up and try to sue over it for some weird legality.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Sorry that you choose our favorite song, “Moonriver” the theme from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but you made your point. I would rather you had chosen, “Where have all the Moonbats gone” because we have more that our share that have to go in this state.


  3. Mark

    I love happy stories. I hope Charlie is full of happy stories.