Will The Democrats Ever Dig Out?

Posted January 23rd, 2016 by Iron Mike

Almost every Eastern city and town is run by Democrats  – some as loony as NYC’s Bill de Blasio,…and most in the grips of corruption-riddled city unions,  – who thrive on overtime pay and no-show jobs…
Snowstorm Jonas
Now Mother Nature is testing both their faith in Al Gore’s Man-Made Global Warming doctrine,  – and their ability to deal with a genuine emergency,  – one they were warned about.
Should be fun to watch, – unless you live in those cities and towns.

2 Responses to “Will The Democrats Ever Dig Out?”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    The governors and mayors are quick to declare a state of emergency and order a hunker in place, something like duck and cover. The continual reports from the new commie enclave on the Hudson, heavy snow, heavy winds but no plows have been observed in the city. DiBlasio must have a plan, he’ll be speaking from Gracy Mandion with some more orders for what you can’t do, rather than what he will do.

    No reports from Baltimore where too much snow is racial. DC whose plows are suited for flurries could be closed for days, but how can you tell the difference? FEMA will be called to rescue those Democrats cities and it will ok because the Dems and the media approve of the Feds doing everything.

  2. Panther 6

    This is a major blow at Global Warming/Climate Change or whatever the lib cause of the day is.

    In fairness to some of the cities being hammered, who won’t get it right. I remember in 60 or 61 as a student at Providence College we got a blizzard of 2 feet in depth. When the State of RI called out the clean up crews they looked at the money set aside for emergencies and lo and behold – the money had been siphoned off to other accounts.

    Some things never change. Oh yes, I believe the leadership at that time were demorats also.