Will Storm Sandy Save Obama?

Posted October 28th, 2012 by Iron Mike

In the FINAL WEEK of the 2012 Election,  will the media seize upon Sandy as reason to ignore Obama’s GUILT in the Benghazi Massacre?

I think they’re delighted to cover the ‘storm of the century’ –

 – and ignore Obama’s cowardly failure to secure the embassy, to send help during the fight, and to publicly pin it on an obscure filmmaker. 

There is American blood on Obama’s hands – and they don’t want to tell that story!  The silence from the press has been deafening.  If Obama was white, – would the press still be covering up this sinful cowardly pretender?

YOU will have to be the Press! Email information to every Democrat in your know, then CALL them.  If they still vote for Obama – they were NEVER your friends!

5 Responses to “Will Storm Sandy Save Obama?”

  1. Tom

    The media has been hyping this storm as the storm of the millennium and they are, as is Obummer, hoping for a disaster to take tke heat of Benghazigate and make him look like a caring pResident, just like he wasn’t with the four that died on 9/11/12. It’s all about the election!

  2. Walter Knight

    You mean the storm isn’t Bush’s fault?

  3. Walter Knight

    Yo, in the sky! What is that? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s Superstorm! Superstorm to the rescue!

    What’s that to the right, from the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts? Godzilla? An evil CEO? No! It’s The Mitt to save us from The Obummerizer!

    They will battle in the surf! The will battle atop Trump Towers. They will battle in Zuccotti Park!

    Remember, humor can be a difficult thing in these trying times.

  4. Lisa

    What’s your take on the theory that the storm was engineered and steered by the govt ?

    Our government Lisa, or the Iranian government? They’re claiming credit for it.

  5. William Clark

    Iron Mike – What is your take on Chris Christie & Colin Powell lately. Sounds like Republicans are getting a clear view of how a President acts in a national disaster. whoops I meant pResident or whatever. Can’t Wait till after the election when Gov. Romney unzips his skin and John Kerry appears.


    Not quite sure of the point behind your question…but,…

    I have now lost any and all respect I ever had for Powell. [I was actually writing out a check for him in 2000 when he came on TV saying ‘he didn’t have the fire in his belly’.]

    You can look up the list of general officers and admirals who have endorsed each candidate this year. Obama has five (5) including Powell and that lifetime snake Wesley Clark.

    Romney has eight (8) PAGES! plus this old Lieutenant Colonel!

    Kerry is a sore point with me William; our loathing is deep and VERY personal. The man is a lifetime liar and coward. It still grieves me that I killed better men than him – simply for being in the wrong uniform….