Will Rachael Rollins Side With AntiFA?

Posted September 3rd, 2019 by Iron Mike

Suffolk County’s duly elected DA – Rachael Rollins (says she’s a Black Woman) campaigned on a promise to “ignore low-level street crime”...  Now she’s faced with some 40 AntiFA goons who violently disrupted the Straight Pride Parade – and the cops want them prosecuted. Her first very public test – as the school year begins.  Guess who Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is siding with! 

UPDATE:   Tuesday afternoon 3 Sept 2019  Media doesn’t seem to be covering,  but several of the AntiFA goons and a local nuisance Josh Abrams all got held without bail,  – even though DA Rollins tried to have their charges dropped. The judge wasn’t buying it.

Boston is heavily dependent on a year-round tourist / sports business, and the financial business,…so street disruptions are not good for the merchants, or the town’s image, – something both Mayor Walsh and DA Rollins should think about. 

Rollins better hope she never needs to call a cop!

4 Responses to “Will Rachael Rollins Side With AntiFA?”

  1. integrity 1st

    It appears she has not only sided with them, but is raising money for them: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/36-arrested-during-straight-pride-protests-due-in-court-this-week/ar-AAGEZ7p?ocid=spartandhp&fbclid=IwAR0e_-wdzphkqweGtNbAshvlZTBFTtjk_Jh00Ho1t8f3Bz1cJTkb92qUm98

    Pressley also posted a link to a fund which collected donations to cover legal fees and other expenses connected with “unplanned arrests” in connection with protesting the march, according to the fund-raiser’s website.

  2. panther 6

    Until we get prosecutors and judges who truly believe in the rule of law stuff like this will continue and I fear get worse. Where is Judge Roy Bean when we need him!!!!

  3. Kojack

    The PLANTATION DWELLERS have finally elected the officials they wanted in Suffolk County(Boston) and they are supported by the MASSHOLES in other counties. Don’t expect any of them to be voted out. MASS-HOLE-A-CHUSSETTS is lost.

  4. Sonny's Mom

    Amazing how the head of the Boston City Council is suddenly SOOOO concerned about the cost of police protection for parades and rallies, that she wants to review the permitting process. That way, anyone the left deems a “hate group” that only “pretends” to express their First Amendment rights can be denied a permit to march or assemble.


    And if YOU don’t believe in the essential JUSTICE of a two-tiered system making up for hundreds of years of slavery (democrats) and Jim Crow Laws (democrats) – you’re a RACIST and you don’t appreciate the essential need for DOUBLE STANDARDS!