Will Our Own Soldiers Shoot Us?

Posted January 27th, 2013 by Iron Mike

This thing is scary! It began as an internet rumor, and it’s taken on legs. Liberals will scoff. They scoffed in 1932 Germany too. Video is 21 minutes – you should watch it!  Doctor Garrow connects the dots for you.

The first rumblings occurred in 2009,…

….- immediately after Obama came to office – when newly-installed DHS queen Janet Napolitano issued a secret reportcalling returning veterans ‘potential terrorists’. It was one of our first reports on RRB. We’ve also reported on DHS buying 1,300,000,000 rounds of small arms ammo – enough to shoot each American 4 times.

USMC Gen MattisWhile I hesitate to advance a ‘wild right-wing internet rumor’ – there are enough supporting parts – like CENTCOM Commander 4-Star Marine General James Mattis –who was just fired without notice or cause.

Maybe he failed the litmus test?

So, I thought about it – and with heavy heart concluded that you should at least know about this thing – and be watchful and mindful. 

If there are soldiers in your family – make sure they are aware.

Frankly, I’ve never trusted Obama, – and far less after all the times he said ‘collective’ in his speech last Monday.  And if you are too young to remember Kent State – research it!.

3 Responses to “Will Our Own Soldiers Shoot Us?”

  1. Victor

    “Mattis will retire from the Marine Corps in March 2013”

  2. Walter Knight

    I have no problem militarizing our southern border. Our military should shoot drug dealers out of the air, and blow them out of the water, no matter if they hold duel cizitenship, or whatever.

    Military bases should be located along the border. Troops can spend their rotation from overseas chasing ganstas, drug dealers, terrorists, Mexican malitias,and illegals along the border.

    Let the army rock and roll.

    But, that’s not what you are getting at. You’re thinking the military will be used to take our guns, and occupy our cities. Yes, I scoff at that. The world is changing, and we need to change with it.

  3. Walter Knight

    As for Kent State, of course I’m old enough to remember that. Anti-war rioters were throwing rocks and bags of shit at inexperienced National Guard soldiers. The National Guard panicked, and rioters were shot. Too bad, so sad.

    Anyone who is stupid enough to throw a rock or feces at a man carrying a gun, deserves whatever happens, and should not add to the gene pool.

    Now rioters carry video cameras, and bring a legal adviser, so the riots can be followed up with lawsuits. That will get them an A+ in Political Science at the local junior college. Is that progress? Occupy that.