Will Massachusetts Moonbats or Patriots Prevail?

Posted January 11th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Democrat's Legacy

Let’s face it, these last 40 years have been an economic disaster for Massachusetts.  Drive through any town or city in the state and you see the empty factories, empty mills, and empty lives.  Even buildings that once housed leading edge computer companies are now vacant.  We must reverse the business-hostile ethos that has dominated Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill – driven American capital into the waiting arms of the third world,  flooding K-Marts with imported goods priced for welfare recipients.  A new senator with a new attitude could signal the turning point where we begin to reclaim our industrial leadership.

Even if he hadn’t been sick, and hadn’t died – it was long past time for Massachusetts voters to move beyond the bombastic Robin Hood politics of Ted Kennedy.  Giving credit where due, – his office was renown for “constituent services”.  If you got stuck in government bureaucracy, you called Ted for help.  But it was Ted who’d helped build that bloated, impersonal, impenetrable bureaucracy in the first place.  And while pretending to champion the underdogs of society,  he and his friends ignored the very laws they passed and they all got richer.  Decades ago it was already time to say “Enough!”  But our neighbors kept voting Democratic.

The very youth and energy of Scott Brown and Martha Coakley are refreshing.  It is good to see the younger generation get involved and commit themselves to run.  So which of these if fit to serve, which should be elected?

Martha Coakley is clearly ambitious – some say ruthlessly ambitious.  Twelve years ago she reached for glory by trying a terrified 19-year old British nanny for 1st degree murder.  The conviction she won was promptly overturned.  She put the Eappans through an unneeded wringer.  Justice lost,  and Massachusetts taxpayers picked up the tab.  But Martha had her headlines for weeks.  It highlighted her gross lack of prosecutorial discretion – fueled by her ambition.   Two years later – seemingly brimming with righteous fervor [or still smarting over her parole deal for pedophile Father Goeghan],  Martha interjected herself into the notoriously flawed Fells Acres case – and managed to keep an innocent man in jail for another three years.  Justice scorned, but Martha got herself a lot more TV exposure.

And all the while Coakley has courted every extreme liberal group in the state.  She loves being photographed with SEIU members.  Her views on late-term and partial-birth abortion are barbaric, on parental notification coldly frightening.  Her views on our military are inane.  She seems to worship in the Al Gore Temple of Man Made Climate Warming more than her own Catholic Church.

The Kennedy Faithful – that mindless moonbat fringe of the old Democratic Party, are hoping to somehow restore “Camelot” with a Coakley victory.  But Coakley is hardly Camelot.  Time and again Martha has proven that her reasoning is driven by flawed ideology, her judgement clouded by her ambition.  She’ll happily perpetuate the downward vortex of socialist tax and spend and tax again, until America is finally bankrupt, with creditors like China and Saudi Arabia demanding payment. In tonight’s debate she was all double-talk, smoke, mirrors, – and her two dogs.

Thankfully we have State Senator Scott Brown – a man with a clean record who has served us both in the Army National Guard and on Beacon Hill – and with unquestioned dignity and honor.  I haven’t heard any double-talk or agenda slang from Scott.  I see a decent man who reminds me a lot of the men who served in Colonial times – a citizen-soldier-patriot.  I’m betting we can trust Scott to actually read the bills and uphold our Constitution.

Massachusetts voters have seldom had such a stark choice when facing a dismal future.  Tonight’s 3-way debate clearly showed we can continue bankrupting our country with Coakley, – or stop the bleeding and begin our recovery with Scott Brown.  We know how the moonbats will vote, – what will you do?

    /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

3 Responses to “Will Massachusetts Moonbats or Patriots Prevail?”

  1. Lonnie Brennan

    Great post Iron Mike. I’ve sent it to many.

    Let’s hope for the first time in my life, I’ll be able to have a senator who isn’t a whackjob.

    Keep up the good fight sir!

    Lonnie Brennan

  2. Linda Rapoza

    Another direct hit, my friend!
    The old soldier still has good aim!

  3. B Howell

    Lowell, Maynard and some of the boutique stores in Lexington and Acton are gone. As you pass the empty windows you begin to feel that you are in Detroit. What happened to this once nice commonwealth?

    I’ve been here long enough to watch the slow decline, the up swing and then the long, tortuous pathway to poverty. Our leaders don’t seem to care about the citizens, especially the senior citizens.

    Let us pray that Scott Brown makes it and then we can have some honest representation.