Will Jon Corzine Do Jail Time?

Posted November 4th, 2011 by Iron Mike

High school quarterback, Sergeant in the USMC Reserves, banker, investor, UnivChicago MBA, Wall Street CEO [Goldman Sachs], super-rich, MoonBat US Senator, NJ Governor, CEO Wall Street Financial Broker [MF Global], – what could possibly go wrong?

A bunch of stuff, – but let’s start with MF Global trading heavily in European government bonds.  Add MF Global reporting a $191.6 MILLION quarterly LOSS, and then filing last week for Chapter 11.

Add to it some $600 MILLION missing from investor’s accounts.

Corzine just resigned as CEO, – – and ‘declines’ his severance package worth $12.1 MILLION?  Huh?

Did I mention that Corzine made $400 MILLION back in 1999 when Goldman Sachs offered a 12% IPO?  Yeah, Corzine has ‘money to burn’.

I see it as a story of a poor boy raised without a moral compass. That was clearly evident during his five ultra-MoonBat years in the US Senate, and his troubled years as governor of New Jersey.

His love life cost him dearly too. His first mid-life girlfriend [ for 5 years] cost him a whopping $6 Million, a condo, a Volvo SUV, forgiveness of a $470K loan, and a full scholarship to Seaton Hall Law School.

Carla Katz was president of CWA union Local 1034 – which represents state employees.

Corzine went on to date and then marry an older woman – twice-divorced NYC psychotherapist Sharon Elghanayan.

Now Jon has hired a criminal defense attorney. Why does he think he might need one?

Andrew J. Levander is what’s called a ‘white-collar crime’ defense attorney who understands the investment business. OK.

I think first Andrew will get his fee up front.

Think about Levander’s dilemma as he prepares for court, – who can he call as a character witness?

Move over Bernie, I think you’re getting a cellmate.

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Video HERE of vintage Corzine double-talk.  I think he’ll put a jury to sleep.

UPDATE:  Friday, 11 November 2011 – BAD NEWS! – 1066 MF Global employees were laid off en masse – with NO severence and NO health benefits beyond November.   Now they understand the basic nature of allowing high-level Democrats control their destiny.

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  1. Dave

    I need your help to help make Pittsburgh Republican! The race for county executive is nearing its end and we need a push for RAJA. Would/could you help?

  2. Wally

    Mike; your readers might be interested in some more details about how Corzine, his Democrat friends – and some Republicans, – stalled legislation/investigation designed to give more transparency to these investments and leverage to regulators