Will Iran Sink A US Aircraft Carrier In 2016?

Posted December 30th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Remember they are Twelvers,…they want to bring on Armageddon – so the “Hidden Imam” will reveal himself and lead them to victory and Paradise…   What do they have to lose – particularly with Obama the Pussy in command…?
Iranian Zolfaghar swarm attack boat
This week they upped their cat-&-mouse game – one of their swarm boats fired a missile from a spot within a mile of the USS Harry Truman.   Yes, they’re very cheeky since they signed their nuclear deal with the Traitor Kerry.

CVN-75 USS Harry S. Truman

Do NOT think the Iranian Twelvers will think about anything in western terms.

Iran's target carrier

Their views of life and their views of the hereafter are vastly different from the way you were raised.  But for starters understand that they hate and despise you,…and Sunni Arabs too.

Iran's target carrier towed into position

So humiliating the Great Satan – the USA, – and taking down Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Emirates, and Israel,…are all high on both their religious and military priorities.

Only our carrier task groups and our nuclear triad stand between them and satisfaction,….and if they WANT to DIE,…then they have no fear of our nukes.

As it is for the Chinese Navy in the Western Pacific, – sinking a US carrier in the Straits of Hormuz is their biggest military priority.  

It’s not a question of ‘IF’,…

– it’s merely a question of WHEN!

Feb 2015  Iran swarm practice

It would be BEST DONE with Obama the Pussy still in office – just before the 2016 elections, – – AND in concert with the Chinese sinking another one in the Far Pacific.

After all, “The enemy of my enemy is My Friend!”

So while Obama was in Hawaii playing golf and eating shaved ice,….the Iranian Navy practiced yet another step in their eventual mass swarm attack,  and fired what was probably an upgraded cruise missile,  – first targeting the Truman – then changing targets at the last minute….

Swarm Boat attack begins…because when they finally attack one of our carriers passing through the Strait, – they’ll want to take out all the escort ships,…so they can scoop up at least a thousand survivors,…a massive hostage crisis,….

…while they salvage the nuclear warheads from the sunken carrier….

Salvage the Nukes

A couple of things to note in this video of their February 2015 attack on the mock carrier….

?  their use of swarm tactics with both attack boats and attack helicopters.

?  at some point the plethora of US defensive weaponry will be overcome, – some of the 100 attack boats will get through

?  although the mock target was stationary, – a real US carrier has very little maneuver room in the Straits,  – particularly if the Iranians manage to use a large cargo carrier or tanker to partially restrict the waterway – and act as a shield to mask the attacking swarm.

This video only showed an attack by helicopters and swarm boats. 

suicide planes

An actual attack would include land based artilleryballistic and cruise missilesjet aircraft,  propeller aircraft,  attack helicopters,  and their midget submarine fleet.

Iranian cobra attack helicopters

Something else to ponder.  Today our Navy is 18% women,…including the inevitable lesbian ones and the pregnant ones….

…do you know how Iran deals with captured women, with lesbians and gays…?

Stoning or hanging

American’s great social experiment may run hard aground on 7th Century Islamic barbarism….and the young fools who thought the Navy would be like a giant dating service may pay a horrible price for their naïvety.  And it will be videotaped.


Can’t you just envision the Pussy Obama coming on TV as news of a carrier being sunk is breaking,…and telling Americans   “…not to judge all Iranians…by the actions of a few misguided Twelvers…”?

the Pussy Obama Speaks

6 Responses to “Will Iran Sink A US Aircraft Carrier In 2016?”

  1. Catherine

    I defer to your military expertise and still PRAY – and pray hard – that you are wrong.

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    So do I M’Dear,…so do I!

    But there is a certain inevitable flow to events, like the lava coming out of Kilauea….moving unceasingly to the sea…

  2. Tom Gilroy

    The situation in the Middle East and Noth Africa is so vollitle that three are multiple scenarios that could easily escalate into a full scale world military confrontation. There are the resurgent Al Qida in Afghanistan, ISIS in Iraq and Syria, the Russians in Syria, Syria threatening Israel and last but not least, the Iranians, untrustworthy, fanatic and bent on stating domination by caliphate. We pray that none of these achieve their goals, but the inevitability is frightening with this weak administration.

  3. Paul J Baldi

    “We must be ready to dare all for our country, for
    history does not long entrust the care of freedom
    to the weak or the timid.” -Dwight D. Eisenhower

  4. panther6

    This is possible but I don’t think likely. Iran isn’t ready yet but will wait to see how the election shapes up. IF they should decide to attack the results could be devastating.

    I have said for years that our carriers are under defended given the number of small boats with missiles that can be sortied against them. The potential to lose a carrier is real in my mind.

  5. Jim Ettwein

    While they may indeed try to attack one of our carriers, as a destroyerman, I know that this would be a failed strategy. Carriers are not floating targets. They are surrounded by lethal warships. And they carry their own lethality. The Navy would not sit idly by and be attacked. No sea captain would permit his command to be attacked without overwhelming response.

  6. Marc

    40 years of affirmative action, feminization, and social degeneracy have brought us to this sorry point in time.