Will His Puppeteers Breitbart China Joe?

Posted July 28th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Irony?  He spent his entire life cheating to get by.   Now life is cheating him of enjoying being President.

Worse,  he’ll be lucky if his handlers decide it’s safe to retire him to Walter Reed.
They may want more absolute insurance that his flapping yap stays shut!

He seems to have been born without a moral compass.

He cheated in high school,  then cheated in college,  – then got caught doing it in law school.

Married with three young kids,  – he cheated with the babysitter.

Distraught,  distracted,  and probably crying, – his wife Neilia drove in front on an oncoming semi.  She and the girl were killed.  Of course Biden blamed “a drunken truck driver”.

The trucker was totally cleared,  but Biden never stopped telling his blame version,  – even as he married the baby sitter – Jill.

During his Senate career – Biden was conspicuously wrong on major policy issues,  but always managed to fool Delaware voters (they’re really not that savvy) into sending him back.

Twice before he ran for President – got caught lying and cheating both times.

Biden became Obama’s VP because Obama needed a VP so repugnant that no assassin would dare pull the trigger.

And in 2020 Biden’s team of handlers used the exact same logic to pick Kamala Kneepads.

But the dementia is advancing faster than anybody imagined a year ago.

Today – just 190 days after being sworn in,  Biden is a pathetic – and dangerous – walking time bomb, – – liable to say almost anything off script in a flash of anger,  – or just in the fog of fading consciousness….

He ~ might ~ spill secrets which could overturn the election – and send people to prison – or before firing squads.

So they’ll have to find a solution,  and before the leaves turn color.

There is a Presidential Suite at Walter Reed – just 10 miles north of the White House.  But keeping the dementia patient there comes with major risks;  – he could start talking to staff – and they might contact reporters….

The Clintons have long been the masters of making problem people cease to be problems – from Vince Foster to Andrew Breitbart,  – to Seth Rich,  – to Jeffrey Epstein.

They’d have to give China Joe a massive stroke – or a heart attack – like Antonin Scalia.

They’d want a three day spectacle of Joe lying in state under the Capitol Rotunda.

But they already know from low turnout at his recent events,  – that they’d have to coerce government union employees to go – and pay them a bonus to do so.

And as Kamala Kneepads spends a week in VERY public mourning, – she would be purging the Biden loyalists from the WH Staff,  – while trying to find a VP even more obnoxious than herself – maybe Bill de Blasio…

Things are VERY BAD right now Americans….

They’re about to get a whole lot worse…

Elections have consequences!

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SICK UPDATE:   Thurs, 29 July 2021   Yesterday as we were drafting this entry – Biden was at the Mack Truck Factory in Lower Macungie Township, Pennsylvania – where the sick inner Joe emerged again.

He has a compulsive need to be seen as “Everyman” – and a heroic figure, – and to be liked and admired.

With ZERO personal accomplishments – he tells lies.

Compulsive liars like Biden – who have lied all their lives, – – eventually arrive at a point where they (1). believe their own lies (could pass a polygraph),  and (2).  can no longer tell the difference between True and False,  – because they no longer care.

Thinking about consequences no longer occurs.

They tell you what THEY want you to believe,  – or what they think will make them look better in your eyes – at that moment.    It’s why people come to loathe career politicians.

3 Responses to “Will His Puppeteers Breitbart China Joe?”

  1. Jim Buba

    My, my, my Manchurian Delight

  2. Jim E

    He’s a menace. His cards are a joke. One is probably the tarot death card. We’ll know when he sees it. He’ll know his time has expired. It’d be fun to have Harris in there for a while. It sure would clinch a takeover of the House, and the Senate. I’d love to see Trump run for the House, and take Nancy’s seat. What fun that could be.

  3. Kojack

    “During his Senate career – Biden was conspicuously wrong on major policy issues, but always managed to fool Delaware voters (they’re really not that savvy) into sending him back.”

    Like MASSHOLES sent the SWIMMER back until he croaked. DUMMYCRAPS have two things in common no matter where they come from – they have NO critical thinking skills and they are devoid of patriotism.