Will Ferguson Burn This Weekend?

Posted August 14th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Tensions mount, idiots incite violence, molotov cocktails fly.
Pray for rain!  Nothing stops a race-riot like a soaking rainstorm.
Ferguson Missouri riots
Five years and seven months into the tenure of our ‘First Black President’ – the only ‘change‘ I see from past race riots I’ve witnessed is the level of police equipment.

Nothing has gotten any better in the lives of America’s poor inner-city Blacks; – in fact, things are worse.

Obama Supporters 2008

In 2008 – while running, Obama built up expectations. Certainly many of those expectations were wildly unreal and unjustified.

Obama hysteria 2008

No, Obama wasn’t going to pay your mortgage or your light bill.

2014 black unemploymentBut the jobs situation got worse for everybody – and much worse for Blacks.

With Obama poised to legalize 11 million illegal Mexicans, and bring in another million from Central America,…young Blacks have a near-ZERO chance of ever getting a worthwhile job to support a family.

To make that even worse, both ObamaCare and raising the minimum wage further discourage hiring poorly educated inner-city kids. 

Entry-level jobs are about to be replaced with self-service kiosks.

Black kids in union-run inner-city schools don’t learn enough History, Economics, or Civics to understand that since the days of FDR and later LBJ, that they have been used as automated robotic voters, – promised Nirvana, – and tossed table scraps.

Not one single Democratic mayor, governor or president has prepared them to get off welfare and into the work force. Slowly the prisons have filled up….  Don’t expect Obama’s Media Fanclub to tell this story now, – it’s unflattering.

lighting molotovs

Now, with the inevitability of time,…one police shooting, – one dead Black teenager in the street, – and we have a full-blown race riot,  – complete with Al Sharpton. Can Jesse be far behind?

If this goes into the weekend, – if more kids come from out-of-town to join in the ‘sport’, – if more shots are fired,…if more are wounded or killed,…

…the Missouri Army National Guard may be hard-pressed to assist.

The Missouri Guard has available 1 infantry battalion and 2 MP battalions – all untrained in riot control procedures.

But the entire Missouri Guard is still under investigation for a widespread abuse [$29 Million!!] of a recruiting bonus program, with even a 2-star General and over a dozen full Colonels being looked at.

Missouri Guard

Pray for rain!

SWAT Teams in Ferguson

7 Responses to “Will Ferguson Burn This Weekend?”

  1. Walter Knight

    Where’s my free stuff? Ferguson? The press in Ferguson outnumbers the police. I hope they get mugged.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Last night as they rioted in Fergusson, Obama danced all night at a gala event with the moonbats on the Vineyard. In the Show Me State, the race pimps have arrived the New Black a Panther Party, the darling of Eric Holder, is on the scene and their job is to further enflame the masses. With an unemployment rate close to thirty percent, the blacks of Fergusson, have nothing to do, nowhere to go and a little rioting, pillaging, uncivil disobedience is always something to do. It is only a matter of time before there is another killing and maybe then the National Guard will be called up. This “Post Racial” president has done nothing but to recreate the racial divide of the sixties, but he would rather dance all night.

  3. Casey Chapman

    I too, have been hearing about the militarization of our local police departments. I see so many movies that prophesy a dystopic future. These kids don’t get a real education in any way, they watch these movies too. Maybe, just maybe they feel that what they see on the screen is how they are Supposed to react to the shooting. Just a theory.

  4. Hawk1776

    These kids grow up in a culture of illiteracy, drugs, illegitimate pregnancies and no accountability. They contribute absolutely nothing to society or to the country. When is the last time a group of white people rioted, threw Molotov cocktails, and looted stores? And what sayeth Obama? Nothing. To rework an old phrase, “is the US better off than it was six years ago”?

  5. Varvara

    No accountability…. During WWII many young boys and men grew up without a father. They continued with school and tried to help at home. Some fathers did not come home and still families stayed together. Later on the country went through tough times with civil rights and still families stayed together. Then everything changed…. Drugs, easy sex, easy money, in the form of monthly checks from the government, porn, etc., etc., etc.

    Today, looting seems to be the rite of passage. No black owned stores were looted. Several black store owners stood outside of their businesses with discouragement in their hands. Beer, booze, clothing were all taken. I find it almost amusing that no work boots were stolen.

    As for the reporters who were jailed briefly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they set it up to be arrested.

    As for our dear leader, he really is a good dancer.

  6. Kojack

    I learned recently that the word “looter” is now considered racist and politically incorrect. The phrase “unauthorized shopper” should be used instead.

  7. mike brown

    Aww shut that fuck up racist mutha fuckas bicth ass fools..we not thugs we just don’t tolerate bullshit..Obama won and u white chicken shit muthafuckas help us get him in..so shut that fuck up cause u damn sure didn’t vote for Romney lol..


    I’ll let this comment stay “Mike” – to show folks how ignorant and unprepared for real honest work you are.

    But no more profanity,…or they’ll all be deleted. Got it?