Will Dr. Gail Newel Come Peeking In?

Posted November 26th, 2021 by Iron Mike

She is a woman given far too much  authority,   – and one who has NEVER read our 4th Amendment.   As County Medical Officer she has ordered that ALL PERSONS must WEAR A MASK – AT ALL TIMES,  – even at HOME!    How on earth does she plan on enforcing this?
We might suspect she is actually auditioning for a job in the Biden Administration…as her OTHER qualifications would make her a perfect fit!

Overreaction?   So far Santa Cruz County has had one ‘Covid’ death, – a man in his 70s with underlying health issues…

THINK!   Santa Cruz County sits along the Pacific Coast – with 12,000 miles of clean Pacific Ocean air blowing in – free of Covid germs.

What in HELL does Dr. Newel think she is accomplishing,  – other than a vicious lesbian show of POWER?   

Does she want to be Biden’s new Mask Nazi?

2 Responses to “Will Dr. Gail Newel Come Peeking In?”

  1. Kojack

    The nutjobs who live there probably where the face diapers while driving alone in their vehicles, so why not while they’re at home and maybe in the shower too.

  2. ben

    Are these people born like this or are there special schools and courses for them?


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    If you Google Doctor Newel’s bio Ben, you’ll find out she went to a LOT of schools.

    The question might better be: why do so many gay and lesbian people seek positions of authority – only to then abuse their power over other people…?