Will Deval Patrick Ever Fade Away?

Posted April 24th, 2016 by Iron Mike

OMG!  Per the Herald,  this corrupt racist LibTurd is on Hillary’s VP short list?
Deval VP
Hey Duh-Val,  if she picks you – will your slush fund manager Betsy Wall get a speaking part too?

In many ways, Deval Patrick would be a great running mate for the Arkancide Queen;   – he’s as progressive [aka Socialist] as Bernie,  – he’s Black,  – and he is willingly, – even eagerly corrupt.

Tompkins  Cabral  Deval Patrick

And he’s broadcast for years that he despises white people – maybe even more that Barack and Michelle Obama…..

Deval Defending His Policies

Certainly Matt Denise could attest to that racism,…if he were still alive;….but he got dragged ¼ mile under the pickup truck of a drunk illegal immigrant from Ecuador – one Deval Patrick refused to deport.

Corrupt?  Duh-val is so corrupt that he’s being investigated for a $37.5 Million Dollar secret travel SLUSH FUND – managed by his then Director of Travel and Tourism – Betsy Wall.

Betsy’s gone on to work for the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation – for $135K/year.

Remember when Deval accused critics of the widespread EBT fraud of “grandstanding”.
Deval EBT Cards Leakage

Meanwhile, Deval’s financial maneuvering [possible embezzlement?] is being investigated by Representative David Linsky – maybe all just for show.  The only thing I’ve ever seen Linsky show any true zeal for was more restrictive gun laws…..

Betsy Wall

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