Will Dems Try A Second Impeachment?

Posted January 3rd, 2020 by Iron Mike

When Dawn breaks over our National Capital in DC Monday morning,  an interesting dynamic will begin to play out.   Impeachment-crazed Democrats will be stuck with a dilemma:

either to immediately forward their two phony impeachment articles to the Senate for trial;  – or to conjure up fresh ones based an imaginary “Constitutional overstepping” because Trump targeted two Iranian terror masters.  Pelosi has a long weekend ahead of her.
PELOSI’S DILEMMA:  If she and her anti-Trump Dems try to make an issue of Trump’s targeted assassination of two terror generals,  – they have to paint Trump as the ‘bad guy’,  – while painting the terror generals as his ‘victims‘…

7 Responses to “Will Dems Try A Second Impeachment?”

  1. Walter Knight

    It’s not over. President Trump will target more Iranian terrorists. The planes are in the air as I type this message, bringing death to the enemy. Finally it’s a great time to watch the news.


  2. jim ettwein

    Doubtful. I think many are realizing the folly of their previous venture here. To take up the cause of the Iranians in lieu of protecting Americans would be suicide for many Dems up for reelection. Although the entertainment value of such an enterprise might be worth it, from my perspective. I’ll buy more popcorn if this happens.

  3. Aloha Snackbar

    Pelosi will not have a dilemma. Democrats believe that the Iranians are the victims. I don’t doubt that for one minute.

  4. panther 6

    If the Demorats are so dumb as to try to make the Iranians out as victims and martyrs they are almost certainly committing suicide.

    GO Trump, get some more.

  5. GreenBeretLTC

    Finally, a President with gonads. And the Red New Deal begins….in the Middle East, anyway…..

    Democrats, beware….

  6. Kojack

    The DUMMYCRAPS will support the DEMORATS on Capitol Hill in what-ever insane, anti-American direction they want to go in for 2 major reasons:

    1. The democrat party has not been an American political party for 40 or 50 years. No member of it posses even a shred of patriotism.


    2. They are all blinded by and suffering from TDS in its advanced stages.

  7. Jim Buba

    For the record: There is NOTHING democratic about the democrat party.

    That myth died when LBJ was sworn in on the plane to Washington, from wherever he was hiding, as must be the case for the President and Vice President since John Wilkes Booth; a very intolerant democrat, pulled the trigger.