Will Democrats Buy Fire And Fury?

Posted January 4th, 2018 by Iron Mike

It’s as if we were watching the plot of a movie script unfolding before our jaded eyeballs.  Suddenly every talking head on the Propaganda Ministry networks is quoting Steve Bannon – as if he was Jesus Christ himself….

It was just back in October and November when they thought he was the Scourge of God!

During the Alabama Senate race to replace Jeff Sessions,  Bannon was decried by the Left as a human unworthy – willing to overlook all of Roy Moore’s alleged sins….

BUT NOW….?  Now suddenly Bannon is the very voice of Truth and Justice,  – because he delivered some unflattering images of the Trump White House to author Michael Wolff.

Now he FITS the Left’s agenda as ‘a credible and unimpeachable witness‘…

Who will get to play Trump and Bannon in the movie…?

How come the Media was never interested in examining the details of the Clinton White House (until there was a sex scandal) or the Obama White House,  – despite the treason rampant in BOTH?

Why was the media never interested in counting the Muslims in the Obama Administration,….but they can’t wait to find a Russian hiding under Trump’s bed…?

Did you ever watch the TV series “Madam Secretary”?  

Did you see the obvious attempt to cast the woman secretary in a heroic light….paving the way for Hillary’s 2016 campaign.

Maybe they made it too slick,  made Secretary Elizabeth McCord look too attractive,  – and thus make the REAL Hillary look even older and uglier by comparison…?

The Left is doing everything they can to destroy Trump – to drive him from office,  – even to prison if possible.

Even if you can’t stand some of his tweets – you need to stand by him – and let him know you have his back!   He’s the ONLY president we’ve had since Reagan who has YOURS!

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4 Responses to “Will Democrats Buy Fire And Fury?”

  1. Sonny's Mom

    Iron Mike: Like McCain, I thought Bannon was unconventional, but I figured as a veteran he had a basic sense of honor. Carter was a Navy veteran too and look what that turned into. What’s up with these guys?


    Who knows how long the cancer in McCain’s brain has been lurking…?

  2. Mt Woman

    Like Sonny’s Mom, I question the integrity, duty and honor of Steve Bannon. Instead of standing up for the Commander in Chief, he’s running to the press to sell his sordid story–it’s all pretty sad–pathetic!! I see a Judas here and as an Academy graduate, a complete embarrassment. Where is the honor and dignity that he should be emboldened to carry for his military academy, the flag, his Commander and for the American people whom he was at one time, dedicated to serve. Sorry Steve, you are no patriot–You are a clown!

  3. Hawk1776

    So who is Steve Bannon and why should I give a hoot what he says or does? I voted for Trump, not for Bannon. Bannon was an underling. Now he’s a wannabe. IMO he’s just a disgruntled former employee. And to answer your question, yes, the Democrats will believe every word of the book just as they believed the Russian allegations. They support anything that’s anti-Trump.


    The real ISSUE is where Bannon will surface in the mid-term campaigns – and what the left-wing networks will say about him…and what the stupid people will believe.

    Bannon can still move a live audience, – so he’s in a position to be a force for good – or a self-serving force for evil….

    /s/ Iron Mike

  4. Kojack

    “Did you see the obvious attempt to cast the woman secretary in a heroic light….paving the way for Hillary’s 2016 campaign.”

    I saw their shameless motive as soon as they announced the series. I never watched even one episode because it infuriated me so much.

    As for Bannon, he effectively torched his own career. The Trump base loathes him for what he did and will not move one iota. He is nothing more than a narcissistic outcast now.