Will Californians Drink Their Sewer Water?

Posted March 8th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Maybe they’ve been so thoroughly steeped in the doctrines of recycling,  and so spaced out by everybody smoking marijuana,  – that they’ll buy into anything.

To solve their chronic water shortages – they’re going to try recycling sewer water back into their reservoirsOh yummy!

Mind you, California has 840 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline,….and mankind has known for decades how to use nuclear power to distill fresh water from seawater.

BUT,…Californians have an unnatural FEAR of all things NUCLEAR,  – and they point out that they sit atop major earthquake fault lines.

So drinking their own recycled wastewater seems like a safer deal?

The 2-year ‘study phase’ of the plan is beginning.

Just gotta wonder which well-connected politicians are going to get even richer over this scheme.  And,…gotta wonder if they’ll try getting the US Government to pay for some or all of it.

Here’s a better plan:  – ship all the illegal Mexicans back to Mexico,  – and there’d suddenly be enough water for the Americans….

4 Responses to “Will Californians Drink Their Sewer Water?”

  1. Panther 6

    The environmentalists will tell you that treated sewer water is safe to drink. Well if so let them drink it. The Pacific Ocean through desalinization is the correct source of solving this problem. Watch, Californians will end up drinking this stuff. Going to sell a lot of water bottled elsewhere.

  2. Vic

    And we thought Flint MI water was bad!!


    Flint managed to poison their own water by increasing the chlorine levels and FAILING to swap out 100-year old water mains – which the chlorine ate into and uncovered the lead solder – which poisoned the kids. For years the elected Democrats there thought they were SAVING MONEY!

    California is betting on the 21st Century technology (totally unproven on a mass scale) of cleaning waste water, – and betting further that state and municipal union employees will be ruthlessly diligent in monitoring the output.

    Should work out kinda like the Broward County Sheriff’s Department….

  3. MC

    The reason California is having water problems is because they haven’t built any new reservoirs in over 30 years because that money is being diverted to illegal aliens. Money is also being diverted to illegal aliens from funds used to conduct fire prevention such as fire breaks and controlled burns and that’s why we have such devastating fires. Let’s nor forget that the devastating Nor Cal fire that ravaged wine country was started by an illegal alien trying to destroy a competitor’s marijuana crop.

    These folks just don’t get it and most of the general public is clueless with regard to how some of these problems are created by the Dems.

  4. Kojack

    I work for one of the biggest water companies in the world. In fact, 70% of the wastewater treatment equipment used by companies in the U.S. is made by us. We also make the water purification systems used in places like Bagram air base in Afghanistan, pharmaceaudical companies, municipal water departments and yes, desalination equipment.

    Someone should inform governor moonbeam that WASTEWATER TREATMENT DOES NOT EQUAL WATER PURIFICATION. Desalination is energy intensive(costly) and time consuming in comparison to other forms of purification which is why it is not utilized more often, but in the case of CA it is the safest and best option since they have paralyzed themselves with over-zealous environmental legislation.