Will Bloomberg IGNORE The Real Killer?

Posted February 7th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Jacques D’Shawn Smith sits in jail this morning charged with 3 murders.  He committed ALL of them while on probation or while out on reduced bail.   At just 20 – he is a malignant asshole with an escalating history of violent crime.

Will NY Billionaire Mike Bloomberg ignore the facts and blame the GUN?

Smith’s recent victims include (December) Steven Daniels – 22 of Garland, TX,  and sisters Abbaney Matts 20 (former girlfriend) and Deja Matts 19,  a nursing student at Texas A&M Commerce Campus.

He also wounded Abbaney’s infant son (his son?), who will survive.


2016:   Teenage Jacques helped lure two women to his apartment, where with two accomplices one was locked in a closet,  while the other was forced to withdraw $18,000 from a Chase Bank:

Lenient judge gave him five years deferred adjudication.

2018:  With four buddies he robbed a Subway.

Lenient judge gave him five years of community supervision.

December 2019:  murdered Steven Daniels (unsolved until the Matts murders)

January 27th 2020:  Hit Abbaney with a frying pan and a lamp.

Lenient judge freed him on $15,000 bond (only had to post $1,500 cash).

February 3rd:  Drove 62 miles to Commerce Texas,  spent the night in Deja’s college dorm room, murdered both sisters and wounded the infant,  – and departed.

Maybe Bloomberg should stop blaming ‘guns’ and look closely at lax laws, lenient judges, – and what the Democrat Party has done to America’s Black Families since the days of LBJ.

Bloomberg is worth $62 Billion,  – has a BS from John’s Hopkins and an MBA from Harvard.  He served 3 terms (12 years) as Mayor of NYC.

If he can’t figure out where the homicidal violence is coming from,  – he has no business holding any public office, – yet alone President.

As for young Jacques D’Shawn Smith,  – how much of an influence on his life was growing of age during 8 years of a Black US President?

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