Will “Back-Door Tsongas” Sneak In Again?

Posted August 20th, 2009 by Iron Mike


Our smug blustering 5th District Congresswoman – Niki Tsongas – will hold another phony “Town Hall” meeting on ObamaCare [National Socialized Medicine] – from the studios of WCAP 980 AM in Lowell tomorrow – Friday, August 21st at 3PM.

Will she sneak in the back door as she did in Chelmsford and Hudson?

WCAP is located at 243 Central Street – downtown Lowell.   You can supposedly call 978-454-4980 and share your thoughts,  – but you’re likely to be screened out by her staff unless you tell them you’re for ObamaCare.

Me?  I plan to be there.  I don’t want her to think we’re letting her off the hook.   Maybe I’ll ask her if the House plans to investigate any conflicts of interest in David Axelrod’s old PR firm – AKPD Message and Media – getting a $12 Million deal to promote ObamaCare.   So much for the “new transparency”!  Obama’s mobbed-up Chicagoans are so transparent you can’t even see their sleazy deals.   Who you gonna believe – your lyin’ eyes or Obama?

    /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!


Well she surprised me, – or by now maybe I’ve shamed her, – but she walked down the sidewalk and entered through the front door.  She recognized me – and wasn’t at all glad to see me either.  But then I’m equally tired of her.GrandMa&Me

I was nearly the lone Republican there, holding up the scales of reason and logic and Constitutional Law against about twenty-five mostly aging hippy Kool-Aid drinkers.  They may be well intended, but they spout MoveOn talking points like trained parrots.

Of note was a young Black mother I met – who walked by with her toddler and remarked to the moonbats that she’d voted for Obama, “but this health care thing is messed up, and I don’t like him any more”.  It was a very awkward moment for the moonbats.  It is the beginning of the end for Obama.  It was well worth two hours in that 94º weather to have witnessed it!

   /s/  Iron Mike

10 Responses to “Will “Back-Door Tsongas” Sneak In Again?”

  1. Richard Smyth

    I was one of the “mostly aging hipping Kool-Aid drinkers” who was there. Actually, I’m 45, a high school librarian, and I have a Ph.D. in English. I wasn’t spouting MoveOn talking points, and I am not a trained parrot. Perhaps if you were a little more civil in your dialogue, you might wield more influence with the congress woman. Shouting that she is a “socialist” doesn’t quite rise to the level of civil discourse in my mind. I also wouldn’t call this approach reasonable or logical at all.

    Good luck, but it seems like you are losing this meme war.

  2. ironmike

    Welcome to our blog Richard. A little more civil? Thirty-seven years ago [you were just eight?] I watched as a troubled young republic of very decent people were being overrun by Russian-made tanks. Today they are still under Communist rule, and between them and Cambodia – at least two million innocents were murdered. With my country now under attack from within the very halls of Congress, and the Oval Office, – I do not intend to be either quiet or civil.

    Please go and look at the entry entitled: List of Massive Federal Failures and study the list. As a librarian you have the skill, the resources, and the time to research the facts. Find a single government program that works well. You might start with the government medical care provided in our VA hospitals. You might even visit the one in nearby Bedford. Or go check into the quality of government health care provided by our USPHS on Indian reservations.

    Stop looking at HR3200 as an emotional issue, – and arm yourself with the facts – while there is still time. I understand that you ~ think ~ you’re fighting for a noble cause. Maybe FDR thought so too when he started Welfare. But look at our inner cities – any of them to include Lowell, Lawrence, Boston, etc. Look at what seven generations of “welfare” and multi-generational government dependence has done to the people who are trapped there. It is called social and economic slavery. LBJ thought the solution was to toss more $$ at it. Now we have inner city street gangs which often outnumber and outgun the police. Government $$ is NOT the solution!

    /s/ Iron Mike

  3. Don Rolph


    and you are confounding the fall of Vietnam (negotiated by a Republican president I might add) with health reform? 🙂

    HR 3200 is a factual issue. A careful reading will show:

    – it reins in unreasonable behavior by insurance companies
    – it will guarentee health insurance to almost all Americans
    – it will rein in medicare costs on Medicare Adavantage progb\rams which are deliveirng health care to seniors at prices above the fee for service program

    I could go on, but observationally with:

    – 45+ million uninsured in America
    – health care costs rising at double the inflation rate

    we must act now or health care costs effectviely doom american competitiveness.

    Your actions will I suggest ensure the mimicking of the ranks moving in 37 years ago, but this time they will be the the implacable health care costs which cause America to founder, not your apparently much feared (and now essentially vanished) communists.

  4. ironmike

    >> – 45+ million uninsured in America
    A false number. It includes those who

    to be uninsured, and at least 15 million illegals. HR3200 attempts in no small measure to render these illegals as “legal”.

    >> much feared (and now essentially vanished) communists.
    How blithe you are! Do you have even a ~ clue ~ how many MILLIONS of people died around the world because of BOTH communist ans socialist dictators? Even a clue?

    PLEASE tell me how suddenly – a government which can’t deliver the mail at even break-even, – cand administer a tiny 3 Billion Cash-for-Clunkers program, – and can’t find 15 million illegals – including the 1 million illegals who have committed a [second] crime here – is suddenly going to administer a 1.5 TRILLION program?

    Using what geniuses to man it? Your EEO/AA unionized civil service heart surgeon just can’t wait to schedule your by-pass. Ooh, – he’s booked until next May. Ooh, by then you’ll be over 65 years old. Sorry! End-of-life counseling is three dors down on the left. I think I can get you in next Tuesday. Fill out this form.

  5. Don Rolph


    the factual errors in your statements are indeed interesting:

    – of those who you say “choose” not to have insurance, the best estimates are avout 8 – 12 million

    If you insist, I will accept 35 million uninsured. This number does not include illegal aliens. And the argument does not change.

    Notice that the 45 million number is well supported in the literature.

    You neither provided any true number nor supported your number.

    Likewise, as you should know, HR 3200 specifically excludes illegal aliens. You will find no portions which in any way legitamize illegal aliens.

    In short, and contrary to your comment to Richard Smythe, it would appear that you have not read the bill nor are you basing your arguments on a factual basis.

    At which point the rest of your comments are seen for what they truly are: emotional based partisan gripping.

    There is a legitimate fact based discussion possible on health care refrom.

    It would appear that neither you nor the majority of other health reform opponents are willing to hold such a discussion.

    P.S. next time dont, as you did with Richard, bring out the hoary old patriotism argument: it is I suggest unpatriotic to knowingly allow Americas competitiveness to decline based on a purely ideological perspective.

  6. Don Rolph

    You might examine the following:


    which provides more data on the uninsured.

  7. ironmike

    Welcome to the blog Don. You might imagine that since the NY Slimes couldn’t / wouldn’t dig up any factual background on OBummer’s college and law school days, writings, grades, travels to Pakistan, income as a “Community Organizer”, – or his wife’s role in patient dumping in Chicago, – – well you ~ might ~ imagine that I don’t regard them as a real newspaper, – or a reliable source. I can’t wait to see who they sell the Boston Glob to.

    If what you really want to say is that “I Don Rolph do hereby want my country to totally embrace National Socialized Medicine – at ANY cost and ANY risk – even the distruction of our free enterprize system and our world-leading system of health care, – because it will make me feel good about myself and my fellow man” – then that’s what you need to say. Quit beating around the bush and using MoveON code words. If you want to live in a socialist country – just say so. But most people who do live in them try real hard to leave them, even on inner tubes. HaND!

  8. Don Rolph


    and at the end of the day, the health care reform opposition appears to be depending on lies to make their case. The facts are that in HR 3200:

    – illegal aliens are not coverecd
    – there are no death panels
    – it does not deprive medicare of $500M of funding
    – it does not reduce medicare benefits (it actually increases them)
    – it does not provide for government take over of health care delivery
    – it does not even provide for government takeover for all health care funding: it would add at the absolute most to the Federal government an additional 1/6 of the present health care funding over the 1/3 of health care funding it already delivers

    In short, the bulk of the objections are not based on facts.

    Making it perhaps understandable that the opposition increasigly is turning to violence or thrreats of violence and outlandish comparisons to historical dictators to make their case.

    But did you notice the huge success which there was on the Rally Day demonstrations on Saturday 8/22? 🙂

    Even the extremist appraoch appears to be failing and the extremist are apparently increasingly being disavowed by the Repuyblican and conservatvie leadership.

  9. Don Rolph


    so let me make sure I understand you, you are now bringing into the health care debate Obama’s early records? 🙂

    Ironmike, I only posted here because you were I suggest mishcaracterizing friends of mine who participated in the Nikki rally.

    You also claimed you were arguing for the health reform debate to be based on fact.

    You have not presented any facts of your own.

    Your statements of purported facts have been in most cases refuted.

    I have presented a set of facts regarding health care, and it appears that you accept them as is: you have not seen fit to challenge them.

    I do not intend to return here to post: you seem to be adding little to the actual discussion.

    But these sets of exchanges should make it clear that you do not intend to base your arguments on facts.

    Likewise, you appear to be hypocritical in arguing that others should read HR 3200, but you do not appear to have read it yourself: the factual errors in your statements about HR 3200 either mean that you did not read it OR that you are deliberately misrepresenting it, and I would prefer to give you the benefit of the doubt.

    In any event, as your experience with the raly suggests, it appears you are on the losing siude of history here.

    I wish you luck, but do wish that you would at least live up to your own espoused standards and base your arguments on fact not ideology.

  10. ironmike

    No Don, – just that Obama – his entire life and his politics – is one continuous stream of lies, misdirection, and manipulation. Those “shovel-ready jobs” were merely rewards for government employees, – not private contractors. “Health Care Reform / Insurance Reform / Public Option – is all smoke screen for National Socialized Medicine, – and a slow but sure way to get old people off the Social Security / Medicare / rolls by rationing and denying health care and encouraging end-of-life discussions.

    And all of this is just a stepping stone to a TOTALLY socialized economy and society. Watch him try to go after the oil companies next. They’ll be his next set of villains – just as the insurance companies are now.

    I want you to be honest enough to say is that you are TOTALLY WILLING to dumb down and destroy the health care system we have now – just so you can feel good about yourself and ObamaCare. If you can’t or won’t say that – you can hardly defend your positions.

    And BTW, – maybe it’s time for you to go start a blog of your own.