Why Yemen Matters: Strategic Location!

Posted January 23rd, 2015 by Iron Mike

Shia Houthi take over Yemen.  They hate America, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.  Within months the vital maritime passage through the Suez Canal and the Red Sea could be compromised,  – and Iran is likely to be helping make it happen.
Yemen Houthi takeover

Think Obama understands, – or cares?

FIRST:  Yemen is HUGE!  25% bigger than California, – 76% the size of Texas, – with 24 million people, – 20% more than Florida.

SECOND:  Yemen is NOT known to have any oil.  But it DOES have strategic location

A small swarm of fast torpedo boats could easily compromise and even sink a US super-carrier in the confines of the Gate of Tears passage.

This is EXACTLY the kind of naval battle the Iranian Navy has been building and training for, – for 35 years!

We’ve built a whole new class of close-range ship-defense weapons – gatling guns and laser beams, – but they are untested against a real suicidal swarm.

Gate of Tears

So just ONE YEAR AGO – at SotU 2014, – Obama was thumping his bony chest claiming that his “smart strategy” was producing an anti-terrorism success story in Yemen.

Tuesday – as he delivered his SotU 2015 – the Houthi rebels threw it in his face.

The Middle East just grew 30% more dangerous; – there is a brand new [old] king on the Saudi throne, – and Obama is playing with green lipstick.

Iranian Navy

8 Responses to “Why Yemen Matters: Strategic Location!”

  1. Varvara

    May the Good Lord help us. We need it.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Obama, the Sec Def and his SOS are clueless to the danger that lurks in the minds of the evil men that are now overruling the Missle East, the Persian Gulf, Africa and SW Asia. They all hate Christians, Jews Americans, all nonMuslims and even some of their own. The six hundred mile trench, border and fence that the Saudis are building and fortifying along their Western border with Iraq is purely for defensive reasons. The Iranians are suckering the West and particularly the US right into their deadly trap. Whether it be nuclear or naval or both, we are falling for it and Obama will not meet with Netanyahu, the only one the really gets it.

  3. Muriel

    could not agree with you more.

  4. Robert Cappucci

    Apparently the “J.V. Team” has been doing pretty well on the court. Thank you, Iron Mike, for putting into perspective what the loss of Yemen to the “junior varsity” means on the world stage.

  5. Sherox

    Personally, I don’t think for a minute that they do not understand. I think they think that we need to learn a lesson, to know what others around the world go through, why should we be different? Besides, our chickens should come home to roost.

  6. Walter Knight

    Yemen has been at war with itself for 50 years. Build a fence around it and let the tribes continue killing each other..

  7. Victor

    We can watch as al-Qaeda and the Houthis kill each other! Let’s stay out of this one so another USS Cole doesn’t happen

  8. Kojack

    All of the European countries are ruled modern day Neville Chamberlains and here in the U.S. the muslims have managed to get one of their own elected POTUS. Will the new GOP controlled congress have the intestinal fortitude to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear capability before it’s too late? I think not. In a year or two the only edible thing left may be Twinkies(now a non-union food) if our “esteemed leaders” don’t wake up and smell the coffee.