Why We NEED The Wall….(Graphic)

Posted January 11th, 2019 by Iron Mike

WARNING!  GRAPHIC!!  Democrats and some so-called Republicans (RiNOs) want our border open for a variety of reasons,  – all of which totally ignore an UGLY REALITY,  – that the ancient Aztec culture which is Mexico is brutal and barbaric.

Democrats think they’re “Browning America” to ‘end embedded racism’,  – while importing a generation of well-trained socialist voters.  Those RiNOs think they’re importing cheap factory labor, gardeners, and restaurant help.  CAUTION – GRAPHIC IMAGE:

At RRB we doubt that CNN or NBC will publish these photographs – found on Breitbart.

There is a new drug cartel forming,  the Cartel Jalisco New Generation (CJNG), in Mexico – and they’re going after their rivals.  This is how Mexican cartels deal with each other,  – in a land where life is cheap and US Cash from drug sales corrupts every aspect of life….

These bodies were found in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz (see map above),  but this kind of ruthless barbarism has been happening for over 20 years across all of Mexico.

This is the EVIL that Trump wants to keep SOUTH of the WALL!


UNDERSTAND THIS:  American drug users, – whether they are elite Hollywood stars,  urban middle-class couples,  or ghetto dwelling gang-bangers, – fund this kind of violence.

The price of drug use here is wasted lives and dead bodies from overdoses.  In Mexico the price is routine and widespread torture and murder.

America does not need an infusion of 15th Century Aztecs into our land.  Remember that the Aztec Empire was flourishing at the same time the Ottoman Empire was expanding,  – also by ruthless and barbaric means.

6 Responses to “Why We NEED The Wall….(Graphic)”

  1. Kojack

    Thank you for the history lesson, Mike. This perspective on Aztec culture should dispel the MYTH OF THE NOBLE SAVAGE i.e. red-man good, white man bad but it won’t. LIB-TURDS BELIEVE WHAT THEY WANT TO NO MATTER WHAT THE FACTS ARE.

  2. Panther 6

    Disgusting but true. The wall is essential to our security in the long term. Several good tales about why “the wall” floating out there now. I think I passed them to Iron Mike already.

  3. Sherox

    The bigger problem is that the politicians are making far too much money from open borders and the trade that is a result of that so there is no reason for them to follow the Constitution to protect and defend Americans.

  4. Marc

    Contrary to the P.C. propaganda, there are lots of savages out there, and we need to keep them out of our country.

  5. Clinton ma Tea party

    Marc…..Thats a no brainer. We must rember if immigrants are to come here in the proper way thru imagination like the Ellis island way. They want to support America its ok. We do not need law breakers and people who do not follow our belief in family values and not committing adultery and such.

  6. Walter Knight

    Close the border.