Posted June 13th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Softhearted Liberals always tell us “it’s too expensive to execute murders”,  – and that spending the rest of their days thinking about their crimes is actually a greater punishment.

But goons don’t think about their past crimes.   They plot new ones,  – and how to escape.  The ~ slightest ~ lapse moment by a guard can lead to disaster.   It did this morning.   They’re on the loose – with the Guard’s guns…
UPDATE!!    Friday 16 June 2017   CAPTURED!  Thank God! 

Meanwhile,…in Oklahoma….

Yes,…Georgia STILL has the Death Penalty!

On Thursday morning, police received a report that the two had held an elderly couple hostage and then stolen their Jeep.

Police tracked down the Jeep and were trying to pull the convicts over when they crashed the car and bailed out.

The two men ran into the woods and came across another house where they tried to steal another car.

But the homeowner took out his own gun – and held the two at gunpoint until police arrived.

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