Why We Loathe Liberal Judges

Posted July 22nd, 2017 by Iron Mike

In Massachusetts,  citizens barely shrug to learn that a 31-year old career goon with 30 convictions is loose,  gets into a domestic brawl,  – and shoots six times at responding cops.  “Just shelter in place!”

He’s off to Bridgewater for a ‘psychiatric evaluation’,  – and we’re very lucky there are no police funerals this morning.

In Salem the cops just arrested a career drunk driver – 55 year old Peter Anketell,  – who in 2002 killed his girlfriend in a drunk driving crash

His criminal record is 21 pages long.  He served 12 years of a 13-year sentence – and has a lifetime restriction on driving.

But there he was,  drunk behind the wheel again

So ~ suddenly ~ a judge holds him without bail…?

It was just over 70 years ago when Massachusetts last conducted an execution,  – of two mobsters for killing a WWII Marine veteran.

Today criminals have very little to fear from our court system – full of liberal judges appointed by liberal Governors Dukakis, Weld, Cellucci, Swift, Romney, and Deval Patrick.

Our state motto should read:  “We Coddle Criminals”.

So Justin J. Breakspear got another day in court – to hear a total of 24 more charges – including six (6) counts of attempted murder – and then a trip to Bridgewater.

Is there anybody reading this who thinks he won’t be out and back on the streets inside of 10 years?

Charlie Baker doesn’t give a damn;  – Justin didn’t shoot up Swampscott!

And he didn’t kill any of Charlie’s beloved illegals….

Meanwhile our Court System has become a thriving government business operation,  – employing hundreds (thousands?)  of judges, clerks, bailiffs, public defenders, psychiatrists, mental health specialists, parole officers,….all on the taxpayer’s dime.

One or two wood-chippers could save us a bundle – and really cut down on repeat offenders.

But our liberals worry about more important things…

like Global Warming, – and how not to offend Muslims, – and if there will be enough pot shops…. – and which bathroom their transgendered kid feels welcomed in….

– and the BIG ONEWill Planned Parenthood be there for my slut daughter?”

3 Responses to “Why We Loathe Liberal Judges”

  1. Varvara

    Now Mike don’t be too hard on the lad. Where is your compassion? I don’t mind spending my taxes for his meds, doctors and 10 more years behind bars. He is only 31 and he will be back…..

    Now, the truth…. Let him have a day of sunshine, fresh air and the glorious smell of the ocean. When he has had his day then we can help him feed the fish. Just a couple of cinder blocks and some rope.

    I’ll bet RR never expected me to write something like this.

  2. Kojack

    Mike, I like the idea of wood-chipper….Saddam Hussein has already proven their effectiveness.

  3. Brandon Havill Allen

    I’m confused why we don’t take some shit island and maroon all SJWs, Liberals plus the entirety of Hitlary’s Sycophants and have some kind of hunger games or just let them eat themselves and be out of our hair. Honestly the reason trump hasn’t mad good on many of his promises is because of those gene dumps and their love of regulations and bureaucratic redtape. they are a plague driven by instinct that becomes feral when someone bursts their safety bubble much like a rabid dog funny we don’t put them down too.