Why Today’s British Voting Matters

Posted May 23rd, 2019 by Iron Mike

Once upon a time, Britain was thinking about voting themselves OUT of the EU. Citizens were fed up with bureaucrats in Brussels telling them how many Muslims they were obliged to welcome…. You may remember that Obama the Omnipotent himself tried to talk them out of it….but on 23 June 2016, – they voted to LEAVE!

Then, very much like back-stabbing politicians in the USA,  – British politicians maneuvered events to delay the break, – essentially to “Remain” in the EU.  The resentment they created has inspired today’s vote.

Two days before the 2016 Brexit vote,  Obama the Omnipotent went to London – told them to stay in slavery to Brussels, – and warned that they’d be “last in line” if they left.

It was an obnoxious display of arrogance and hubris by the FRAUD with a forged birth certificate.

Fast Forward Three Years:  Nigel Farage who led the Ukip party in 2016 has returned to form and lead the BREXIT Party,  – and by sunrise Friday the political landscape across Britain is likely to look very different, – and Theresa May may join the unemployed.



In this country we’re watched for most of my lifetime as politicians in our state capitals and in DC ignore the will of the voters, – do what makes THEM feel good,  – while they line their pockets with back-room insider deal-making.

Americans have watched government programs all fail to deliver – no matter how much money was shoveled at them:  Social Security, Medicare, Flood Control Projects, Foreign Aid, Border Security, Farm Subsidies, AA/EEO, NASA, Gun Laws, ObamaCare, or the Zumwalt Destroyers.

Today MOST Americans are fed up with open borders, – Muslim in-your face arrogance, – welfare cheats, – election fraud,  – sanctuary cities, – unfilled potholes, – and shoddy Chinese goods in Walmart putting neighborhood stores and American factories out of business.

Americans are ready for a CHANGE!   They showed that in 2009 when the TEA Parties sprang up across the land to challenge Obama’s socialism.

But RiNOs promised to lead that fight – told voters the TEA Party wasn’t really needed, – that THEY could be trusted….

And we watched a series of RiNOs like Romney,  Boehner,  Ryan,  McCain,  Baker,  McConnell, Collins, etc act like craven pussies,…and continue with business as usual.

As you read this,  your average Republicrat in Congress is content to sit back and let Trump fight off the hyenas by himself.  Yet being two-faced hypocrites, – they’ll want his support come 2020 when they face strong left-wing challengers back home.

So we ~ might ~ be on the verge of a TEA Party resurgence – or even an AR-15 Patriot Party…. RiNOs BEWARE!

6 Responses to “Why Today’s British Voting Matters”

  1. integrity 1st

    You always get it right, but when you’re rattling off FAILED government programs TOPPING the list should be Child Protective Services that is failing children and destroying families in every state. Currently MA is “reforming” it for the umpteenth time, like every other state routinely does only to add more money, and more devastation by every new hire and dollar. http://www.bostonbroadside.com/dcf/the-massachusetts-dept-of-children-families-is-literally-stalin/


    Agreed! And AMTRAK and the MBTA and the Turnpike Authority, and the BIG DIG….the list goes on…

  2. Kojack

    Well said, Mike! The outcome of some of the special elections going on now, the UK Brexit vote and especially 03 NOV 2020 are crucial and will tell us what kind of country and world we’re going to have.

  3. Walter Knight

    I wish President Trump would travel more overseas, because voters overseas listen to Trump closer than Americans. Trump’s impact on world opinion is underestimated

  4. Marc

    “AR-15 Patriot Party” – I like that!

  5. Walter Knight

    The polls are in. The Brexit Party just dominated EU elections.


    And in France Marine Le Pen is having the last laugh. In Germany people are suddenly buying guns…about 10 years too late,…but at least they’re recognizing the danger all around them.

  6. Joshua Norman

    Someone should tell the Remoaners that #LeaveMeansLeave.