Why They Wanted Him Dead…

Posted July 15th, 2013 by Iron Mike

…frankly, even more after the verdict than before…
They want George Dead
We’re seeing the ugliest side of black racism, white liberal guilt, and Yellow Journalism combine to form a virtual lynch mob.

They all have their reasons….

For over 60 years the Democratic Party has been turning inner-city Blacks into urban plantation slaves. The most successful tools were to preach victimization, and make them addicted to government welfare.
Marching Poverty Pimps

The Democrats were greatly aided by liberal white guilt, the NAACP, the Urban League, and the usual collection of poverty pimps – Sharpton, Jackson, Jealous and Farrakhan.

The Media once bravely spotlighted the oppression of Blacks by Southern Democrats, unions, the KKK, and their own preachers….

No longer! Remember that NBC doctored the video to fan the flames against Zimmerman.

Today the print media is dying. So too are the mainstream TV networks. The very fact that you’re reading this blog is proof that folks are looking for better news, and better commentary.

Liberals in PowerObama, Holder, Deval Patrick in Massachusetts, – all need to keep their plantation slaves happy. So once in awhile, – they need to stage a human sacrifice.

George Zimmerman was almost perfect. Damn that Hispanic part of him… They quickly called him ‘a WHITE Hispanic…ignoring his Jewish mother. [Can’t offend or scare off those reliable socialist Jews – and their reliable campaign funding… That’s BIG money!]

So when a righteous cop – Police Chief Billy Lee could find no evidence of a crime by George – they forced him OUT – and had the Florida State Attorney take over. They were determined to have a SHOW TRIAL!

And they got one. And it backfired!Rachel Jeantel

Star prosecution witness Rachel Jeantel quickly set American race relations back another decade by reciting Martin’s words ‘creepy-assed cracker’.

Ponder for a moment – that her testimony was mere hearsay – and should never have been admitted. Big screw-up for the over-zealous prosecution team, – big screw-up by Judge Nelson, and a total gift for the defense.


Gun-Phobic ninnies made their minds up before any of the evidence was public. All they had to hear was the word ‘gun’ – and of course the shooter was guilty! “People shouldn’t walk around carrying guns!  Only the police should have guns! ”

There is no reasoning with the most die-hard of these. They’ll gladly be raped and beaten to death in their beds rather than own a gun or protect their families with one.

[These very same gun-phobic cowards are also violently pro-abortion. They have no problem with chopping up living babies…Go figure…]


BOTH the Media and GOVERNMENT LEADERS knew full well what would happen to George Zimmerman in a Florida state prison. He would be beaten for weeks, raped, forcibly tattooed, and then finally murdered. THEY ALL KNOW THAT!!!

The SICK PART is that they wanted it to happen. For the Media another easy story line to grab headlines for a week.

For Government officials – a perfect example of ‘why we need more funding for our prison system’.  “Poor George was a victim – of underfunding…”

Holder – now wire-guided by the Obama White House – will seek to file federal civil rights violation charges against Zimmerman.

They want that damned pound of flesh…

They want to keep fanning the flames through November 2014.  Thus BOTH the death of the wannabe gangsta and the possible future death of George Zimmerman serve their agendas.

It keeps the focus OFF Black Unemployment, and the murder rate of young Blacks in America’s inner cities. If they can say ‘Black teenager’ enough – maybe even Blacks will ignore the murders of Blacks – 93% by other blacks…
The Real Trayvon


Suddenly all of Trayvon’s youthful drug dealing, burglaries, violent fights, gang-banger activities – are all forgotten, – all swept under the rug.

It is as if a 9mm bullet cleansed him of all his sins and his dark past. This is the art and science of victimology.


Why was George patrolling his neighborhood? The left want to label him a racist wannabe cop.

But that doesn’t square with his history of working with troubled Black kids….

George was exercising his God-given right to protect his home and his neighbors from a wave of recent break-ins,…by Black kids….

Any Citizen has that same right.

One might argue that as a newcomer staying with his father, Trayvon wouldn’t have known. Or you could suppose that his wandering walk home that rainy night was him casing the neighborhood for easy targets…

Goetz 1984I can’t help but compare George’s actions of calling the police and waiting calmly to make his statement

…to the actions of NYC dweller Bernard Goetz – who shot four (4) black muggers on a subway car in December 1984, and took off on the lam for a week.

He was acquitted of the shootings – did serve 8 months for his unlicensed pistol.

George’s story hasn’t wavered. I hope his courage holds up. Today Bernard Goetz rescues squirrels. I hope George can do better…

Meanwhile, – ask yourself…when is the last time Michelle Obama took time off from her travels to go into an inner city and talk to Black kids…?

Another thought [very dark] – remember all that ammo that DHS has been buying?  Is churning up a race war like 1968 in the interest of the Obama Cartel?

7 Responses to “Why They Wanted Him Dead…”

  1. Tom

    George Zimmerman is a registered Democrat who voted for Obama, licensed to carry a concealed weapon. He have every right to defend himself from a much larger (6’2″) experienced mixed martial arts fighter. Any of us would do the same thing given the situation. Sanford is a crime ridden city and the gated community had been plagued with breaking. Martin had no business being there and why did he attack when confronted by Zimmerman. More than likely, given his history, he was up to no good.

  2. Casey Chapman

    I agree with Tom. It’s just another witch hunt by the race pimps, the “Revs” Sharpton and Jackson. Judicial Watch has proof on their website, that our so called justice dept spent money to help organize the protests down south that took place last year when Zimmerman hadn’t been arrested as yet.

    If Trevon Martin had been white or hispanic, we never would have heard a word. The race pimps do this so they can be in the spot light again. Otherwise, they would have faded away years ago.

  3. CajunCountry

    I was recalling the back story to this case earlier and found this url with forgotten details that the MSM would never touch.


    I truly believe this is another means for Obama to stir up his base for the 2014 elections. Trevon will be a rally cry.

  4. Kojack

    Tom, thank you for informing me that Zimmerman is a registered DUMBOCRAT who voted for the Islamic Marxist. For that reason alone I will not contribute to his legal defense fund as I was going to when the feds railroad him on some trumped up charge. As far as I’m concerned, like 99% of the Boston Marathon bombing victims he is reaping what he sowed.

  5. Paul J Baldi

    This story just gets worse every day. A very unfortunate
    situation winds up with one man dead and the other being
    savaged by the liberal media and the NObamacrats. Case
    never should have gone to trial. I hope the Zimmerman
    family will come out of this ok and be able to resume
    their lives. Let’s put an end to the Zimmerman hysteria
    and leave the man alone.

  6. Sam Adams

    This dabacle has not only set race relations back (Obama, the Great Divider did that all by himself), but it has revealed the underbelly of what Democrats and their policies have actually done to the black race.
    Even during the 40’s and 50’s, blacks had more respect for themselves. Dr. Thomas Sowell wrote about this very thing in “Black Rednecks and White Liberals”, and so did Shelby Steele in his book, “White Guilt”.
    The numerous black successful conservatives of today, (Sowell, Steele, Parker, Berelli, West, Carson, etc. etc. represent the progress that could have and should have been made at all levels of the black community.
    Only because of race hustlers like Sharpton, Jackson and Obama and his crew, and the purposefully corrupt liberal media, have so many blacks in America become the government’s new willing and permanent slaves, through the Democrats’ narrative that they’re not worth anything without Democrats – their slave masters.

  7. Kojack

    Here are some interesting stats from the FBI:

    Blacks make up 13% of the general population but account for more than 75% of the prison population.

    Twice as many whites are murdered by blacks as blacks by whites.

    91% of blacks murdered were murdered by other blacks.

    93% of blacks voted for Barry even tough they fared worse under his 1st term than under GWB.

    Which race as a whole is more bigoted?!?!?