Why They Call It “Taxachusetts”

Posted January 17th, 2020 by Iron Mike

LibTurds in government are driven by a single core belief:   that the First Duty of Government is to GROW, exponentially if possible,  – until it is too large for a single generation to disassemble.

And by growing,  they mean both in sheer numbers,  – and in yearly take-home pay of EVERY government employee and lawmaker.  Your only job Taxpayer – is to keep them comfortable (and quit bitchin’).

Charlie FAKER is a Bill Weld / Mitt Romney acolyte who campaigned on being able to clean up Small Deval’s putrid messes,…but he has FAILED at every turn….

Our trains STILL derail on a regular basis….

Our State Police have an inbred culture of corruption that he didn’t fix by appointing a lesbian as superintendent…

Children are still dying in State Foster Care….

We’re still having prison riots….

Voting rolls are still full of dead voters….

A dozen mayors are defiantly running “Sanctuary Cities” while Charlie himself never misses an opportunity to display his NEVER TRUMP feelings.  He even cozied up to Senator Squaw…

Illegals kill and rape our citizens, and FAKER remains mute…

Our highways get repaved and by the following spring the same potholes reappear as if by magic, while our bridges are rusting away.  FAKER has no budget for sandblasting and paint…

FAKER has never been through the Concord Rotary during rush hour….

Starting in the 1960s – MassHole “Progressives” began campaigning and legislating against “Belching Smokestacks”,  – so our factories saw the handwriting and moved to India, Mexico, and China,  – leaving behind shattered broken towns with empty factories.

More recently giant companies like Fidelity have closed facilities and moved operations to more tax-friendly states,…and still our left-wing legislators bemoan shrinking tax revenues and punish those fools who remain.

Your home and your business are their ATM machines,  – even after THEY retire to tax-friendly Florida – on a disability pension.

That’s my State Senator JamieBoy Eldridge looking disdainfully at you in the photo above.  He’s so twisted he drove Fidelity out of Marlborough (3,000 clean high-paying jobs GONE),  – then wanted to super-tax them for leaving.  The little guy in glasses is Byron Hefner – Rosenberg’s former gay husband,  – who was trying to give blowjobs all over Beacon Hill…

Now as President Trump has created the conditions where expatriate manufacturing companies are moving out of Asia and back to the USA,  – why are none of them coming to Taxachusetts…?

When do Lowell, Lawrence, Fall River, Worcester, and Springfield get a piece of the action…?

There will be lots of names on the November 3rd Ballot.

Will MassHoles reelect all their Tax Zombies? 

One Response to “Why They Call It “Taxachusetts””

  1. Leonard Mead

    Will MassHoles reelect all their Tax Zombies?

    Maybe YES. Maybe the MassHoles are really masochists.

    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservatives
    Living and voting in Income Tax FREE Florida