Why The Sour Puss Michelle?

Posted December 26th, 2009 by Iron Mike

There were all sorts of little clues.   There was no manger scene on display at the White House,  but visitors snapped photos of tree ornaments including a drag queen, Mao, and Obama himself. Then there was the necessity to delay departure by a couple of days while Harry Reid bribed the ObamaCare bill past those last few expensive Democrat whores in the Senate.  Finally the imperial couple could depart for their two week Oahu getaway.

Sour Puss At Christmas?

Hard to imagine why HRH Michelle would have such a sour puss, unless she’d just seen the Rassmussen Daily Tracking Polls.  Gee, ya think?

Christmas Present For Barrack

Merry Christmas Obamas – enjoy Oahu.  It’s all down hill from here.

The people who voted for you – who wanted to believe in you – are having their eyes opened – by you!   Soros is going to be pissed, – you’re not keeping up the act.  You let yourself think that you’d actually earned the election. 

Time to start thinking about a day job after the White House.  I don’t think HRH Michelle will be able to live happily on a mere presidential pension.  Better you than us buddy! [shudder]

  /s/  Iron Mike
  Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

3 Responses to “Why The Sour Puss Michelle?”

  1. Politicalmadman

    Ha, my wife and me thought the same thing !!! I think she is pissed they had to stay and wait for the vote. Cutting into her time you know !!

  2. Lazarus Long

    She always looks like one perpetually pissed woman. What a change from the two Bush first ladies.

  3. MC

    The Bush ladies had a little something called “Class” and common sense.