Why Teachers Should Carry Guns!

Posted November 5th, 2021 by Iron Mike

How long will these tender geniuses last down in Fort Madison in Iowa State?

They’re just 16 year old.  Their victim was Nohema Graber – their 66 year old Spanish teacher, – who they ambushed after school in a public park,  and buried under a tarp,  a wheelbarrow,  and railroad ties.
Willard has already ratted out Jerry…  If ONLY  Nohema had carried a pistol.

If ONLY their mothers had swallowed!

LESSON FOR EVERYBODY:  If you routinely place yourself in an isolated situation,  – and think you are safe there,  – THINK AGAIN!

At home, at work,  or out enjoying nature – you can be a target of stalking, – or a target of OPPORTUNITY.

Older people and women are particularly vulnerable

Be ready!    Be ARMED!

UPDATE:   Monday, 29 Nov 2021   These wasted sperm appeared in court today – their attorney asking that they be released to parental supervision – because being held in the local juvenile facility “could stunt their growth”.

They both waived speedy trial….

One Response to “Why Teachers Should Carry Guns!”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Two more scum bags soon to be unable to pollute the human gene pool…..at least for a long time, if ever.

    One of my latter life fantasies has always been that the crime you commit is visited similarly upon the convict as part of the sentence. Imagine the preventive value of giving these two bludgeon murderers a 90 day suspended sentence….then bludgeonning them to death.