Why Is Tony Mendonsa Retiring?

Posted June 19th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Are Bad Things Happening In Prison?

The tiniest chirp of an announcement:
Warden Anthony Mendonsa – just recently appointed to head the huge Souza-Baranowski prison in Shirley, has been relieved ‘pending investigation’ and will retire on June 30th.

Mary Beth Heffernan and Sandra McCroom have their hands full inventing cover stories. Corrections Commissioner Luis Spencer may be the next to go.  His spokeslady was mum.

Deval Patrick’s regime of affirmative action appointments is slowly unraveling. There are three(3) possibilities:

A.  Possibly Mister Mendonsa committed a ‘personal foul’ and is being allowed to escape with his pension intact.

B.  Possibly he proved an inept [or overly brutal] warden – and complaints and lawsuits were beginning to amass.

C.  AND, possibly Mendonsa fits into a larger jigsaw puzzle that US Attorney Carmen Ortiz is rapidly assembling.

“Executive Office of Public Safety and Security”

What a mouthful! What a bag of useless worms!


Just last month State Police Superintendent Colonel Marian J. McGovern ‘retired’ after just 30 months on the job.

Her State Troopers were getting out of control.


April 13thAdjutant General of the Mass Guard – Joseph Carter – was placed on ‘administrative leave’ while the US Army investigates a 28-year old rape charge. Carter has held high-level police positions as Chief of Police in Oak Bluffs and Chief of the MBTA Transit Police.

We are highly sympatheticto the built-in injustice of decades-old accusations and allegations, and we cannot help why this one did not surface long ago, – but it is an ‘inconvenience’ for Patrick, this being the first Black Adjutant General. UPDATE:  Wed 19 Sep 2012: Carter announces he will resign.



March 23rd – US Attorney Carmen Ortiz brings charges against three (3) Mass Probation officials – Commissioner John J. O’Brien and deputies William H. Burke III and Elizabeth V. Tavares.

She will use the RICO statue against them to root out more corrupt officials and politicians in a massive jobs-for-favors scheme – which left paroled felons unsupervised; and led to the death of Woburn cop Jack Maguire.


May 2011 – gangbanger and general bad guy Tamik Kirkland escapes from MCI Shirley – kills a man in Springfield, wounds another, and then shoots two cops while resisting recapture.

Commissioner Spencer says that the cell phone smuggled into Kirkland was the result of an ‘inappropriate relationship’ between the prisoner and a vendor. ‘No changes to policy or procedure are planned’. Hmmmm…


Last year Mary Beth Heffernan sent out her office staff to hold a series of ‘community meetings’ as a smoke screen to delay implementation of the Secure Communities program – which DEPORTS the worst illegal aliens caught by police.

Deval didn’t want it – he wants the illegals turned into campaign contributors and voters – legal or otherwise.

So last month – to shut up the TEA Party activists around the country – and to remove criminal illegals as a campaign issue, Obama had Napolitano begin the program OVER his objections.

Last Friday he granted 800,000 illegals amnesty anyway.


Deval Patrick – your smug ‘don’t-give-a-shit’ governor.

Mary Elizabeth HeffernanExecutive Secretary of Public Safety – who looks like a toxic waste dump and whose chief skill sets are staying upright and saying ‘I don’t know’.  Her expertise in public safety comes from her time as a lawyer for Beth Israel Deaconess.

Sandra M. McCroom – Undersecretary for Criminal Justice. Sandra’s expertise in prison systems comes from running Roxbury Youthworks, Inc [a non-profit] and the Peace Corps.

Luis S. Spencer – Commissioner of Corrections:  29 years in corrections + 3 years USAF.

Hey, is it ~ just me ~ or is the concept of Affirmative Action beginning to prove itself both ineffective and dangerous?  These ‘leaders‘ aren’t ‘growing on the job’!

Is it time for Deval Patrick to put AA/EEO aside, clean house, and hire some qualified help?

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

What did Tony do? Maybe some of the Officers out at S-B will enlighten us with some descrete comments.  Use nicknames guys.

UPDATE:  Monday 25 June:  Seven (7) S-B guards injured restoring order after an inmate attacked a guard with a weapon.

UPDATE:  Wed, 4 July:  ‘Recently Retired’ Corrections Officer Leo Coutu of Dracut ‘goes for a walk’ on Tuesday June 26th, – body found in woods near home on July 4th.  What did he know?

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  1. mike grammont

    I remember Ms. “Idon’tknow” at the secure community meeting in Lawrence. After she said “I don’t know” for the fifth time I shouted “You don’t know nothing!” and the meeting became unruly.

    What a waste on taxpayers’ money!