Why Is Martha Coakley Doing Her Job?

Posted September 19th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Is somebody looking over her shoulder? 

Martha famously said “…it isn’t illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts’.

Martha has the next best thing to a no-show job.  She could see no evil when three Speakers of the Mass House were indicted.  She couldn’t see an assault when her own staffer pushed a reporter to the sidewalk.  We still have no report about why Middlesex Sheriff Jim DiPaola ate his gun.  

But suddenly Martha is bringing an indictment against a Democrat?  What could drive her to this?

This story will drag on for several years.  You’ll need a notebook to keep track of the names, the bribes, the corruption, and the payoffs.  In the end the thing will look like a dirty spider web.

Today AG Coakley announced an indictment against former Probation Department Commissioner John J. O’Brien.  He used to run that 2000 person department like a third-world warlord.

And he made a deal with State Treasurer Tim Cahill.  He would sponsor Tim’s campaign, Tim would hire O’Brien’s wife Laurie at the Lottery.  Sadly, this is the way business is done in this one-party state.  Most of O’Brien’s 2000 employees got their jobs in exchange for political campaign work or contributions, – or both.

   [Oh, except of course for you Clem, why you’re the purest angel outside of Heaven. Right!]

Also in trouble are Cahill’s former chief of staff Scott Campbell and several of O’Briens assistants including his Deputy Elizabeth V. Tavares, Deputy Commissioner Francis M. Wall, and Probations former chief legal council – Christopher J. Bulger [ son of former Senate Pres and UMASS Pres William ‘Billy’ Bulger and nephew of mob killer Whitey Bulger].

In trouble?  The names will go on-and-on.  So many scheming sleazeballs, such a small state.  No wonder industry is moving out;  – they’re being taxed to pay for this?

But WHY is Coakley moving now?   

Could it be that a certain agenda-driven Black US Attorney General is looking over her shoulder – wondering why she isn’t going after the blatantly obvious white crooks?  

You see, things kind of boiled over last December 26th when in the middle of a blizzard veteran Woburn Police Officer Jack Maguire was killed in a shootout with a career criminal jewelry thief – one on parole.  

His parole hadn’t been closely monitored.  When politicians play dirty instead of upholding their oaths, – somebody will pay with their life.  

There is real blood on O’Brien’s hands.  

Probably on Coakley’s too. 

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

 FYI:  the 3 Speakers:  Flaherty – Finneran – DiMasi

And here is the assault Coakley couldn’t see:

One Response to “Why Is Martha Coakley Doing Her Job?”

  1. Jim Buba

    These are the ‘low hanging fruit’ that must be addressed because somebody noticed or reported a crime. Barranco ticked off somebody and the subsequent series of theft from ‘The Children’ results in an Audit by the Bumper.

    Murder of a police officer is supposed to be a good guy-bad guy investigation. It is not supposed to reveal a shortcoming in the Democrat Party thorough lack of experience with any job in government, suggesting that most Massachusetts glad-hand jobs are truly unecessary and must be cut.

    Keeping up the pressure on these and other revelations will result in resignation after resignation in the hope that nobody notices the pensions and benefits they will have claimed to ‘earn’.

    The assaulted reporter needs to press charges. If we get lucky, through diligence, we will be able to hang many ‘never go away’ necklaces on Deval, Marsha and a few others; some who have already retired.

    The big ‘If’?