Why Is Karyn Polito So Silent?

Posted November 17th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Did Tall Deval send her home?   Back in the Duh-val Patrick administration LtGov Tiny Tim Murray became a non-person after his Nov 2011 early morning crash on Interstate 190.
18 months later he resigned.
But Karyn Polito has been strangely silent during this 2016 presidential election year.   Charlie Baker – aka “Tall Deval” – has made an absolute fool of himself,  – first endorsing Jeb Bush,  – then Chris Christie,  – and finally announcing he left his ballot blank.

But where is the voice of Baker’s arm candy LtGov?


Was Polito a quiet Hillary fan?  Was she a Bernie Babe?  

Why didn’t she publicly support Trump?

She and Tall Deval are up for re-election in 2018.   Does she expect Charlie to glide through the process with a few cursory appearances…?   Does she expect to be on the ticket again?

Are they counting on another rigged MassGOP Convention,  – with shredders to dispose of unwanted ballots?

Charlie was either playing the complete fool this election year – or attempting to redefine the word ‘contrarian’.

First he endorsed Jeb Bush,  and when he dropped out early – he endorsed Chris Christie.  Christie dropped out 4 days later.


Then Baker refused to attend the Republican convention in Cleveland,  leaving the Mouseketeer to represent Massachusetts Republicans.   She sang a song….

Mouseketeer at the RNC

abandoned-dollAnd all this time Polito has been silent – like a forgotten doll – sitting quietly on the shelf.  Karyn, do you even still care what the people think – and want from their elected leaders?

Together Baker and Polito have abandoned all Conservatives in this state.

Neither attended the MassGOP meeting last night,  – it seems that even fake Republicans are ‘too Conservative’ for their political tastes….?

So the issue of disgraced committeeman Matt Siskgot tabled!  

That shit-stain remains visible on our party,  since the elected leaders chose to sweep it under the rug.

Guess what Karyn,…Charlie,…come 2018,…we’ll remember!

Ask Scott Brown how that works.   Or ask Mitt Romney…

PERSONAL NOTE:   When I first met Karyn – back years ago,  – she was a fierce advocate for children.  Then she changed,  and is now pro-abortion.   Another good Catholic girl sold out to political ambition.

4 Responses to “Why Is Karyn Polito So Silent?”

  1. Jim Buba

    PERSONAL NOTE: Polito was on-duty during an informal session and was L-A-T-E (on purpose, blaming traffic from the North End) to stop the Dems.

    I am sad to suggest that it will be Governor Polito soon enough as Baker takes his place in a bronze statue of himself urinating in a Women’s Toilet in Lawrence or Everett or Chelsea.

  2. Mt Woman

    As the leader of the Republican party in MA, Charlie Baker – Karyn Polito should have thrown their support behind the Republican nominee for President. Remember, Trump won the MA in the primary 49% to the next highest Kasich at 18%. The voters in MA spoke loudly in March and again on November 8, when he did not win MA because Clinton got her machine working and to the polls.
    I heard this morning that Trump will go on a thank you tour to states that supported him and got him elected. MA will always be left out in the cold of anyone who has a new message to bring positive change for Growth -Opportunity -Prosperity for all people to the State and its people!

  3. Kojack

    I remember when Karyn Polito ran for governor herself she was more conservative. Is it possible she is a closet Trump supporter out of respect for her boss?

  4. sad4magop

    A whole lot of Republicans hate Baker and Polito. Those two are tone deaf though, so do not expect them to change. They already did change – from Republican to Democrat.