Why Is Emma Riley Is Leaving China Joe?

Posted November 20th, 2021 by Iron Mike

What a résumé!   She worked for Hillary in 2016,  then Mayor Marty Walsh in Boston,  then the Biden Campaign in 2020,  – and in 2021 was named Deputy Communication Director for the Biden White House.

She just announced she’s leaving the WH to work for her old boss Marty at the Department of Labor.   What kind of a zoo are they running at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

THINK:   Emma is probably a very sweet and fully brainwashed young lady.   Lexington, MA High School and High Point College – and all of 27 years old.

And THIS is the hard seasoned stuff at the heart of the Biden Administration?

No wonder their pullout from Afghanistan was a glaring public cluster-fuck!   

Can Emma find Afghanistan on a map?  Can she find Taiwan?   Did she ever learn anything about the Chinese Civil War during her years in Lexington High?

THINK:   Would a well-educated person really want to work for Hillary,  – or Marty Walsh,  – or the Biden-Harris Kleptocracy?

Do you think at 28 year old Emma has ever read our US Constitution?

Do you think this poor befuddled young MoonBat suddenly found herself spending 2021 in deep,  – way deep – over her head – surrounded by vicious self-serving sharks,….working for a pResident she could see deteriorating by the day…?   

How will the Labor Department be any better?

One Response to “Why Is Emma Riley Is Leaving China Joe?”

  1. Jim Buba

    She is qualified to do the nothing required for $174,000/yr