Why I voted for Scott Brown

Posted December 30th, 2009 by Jim Ettwein

Because it’s time to stand against the takeover of our freedoms and rights.

Because it’s time to make a choice based on thought, not just because someone has a D after their name.

Because it’s time we woke up and realized that we’re adults, are responsible for our own lives, and that it’s not the government’s job to take care of us.

Because we know that the majority currently in charge can steamroller us on every issue. This should be your concern whether you’re a D or an R (or any other type of voter).

Because Americans know that we are currently not secure; terrorists continue to threaten us, we continue to sellout to other countries, the current situation is not tenable.

It’s time to speak out and effect a change.

It’s time to show we CAN elect someone who has our interests at heart.

It’s time to elect Scott Brown. (and, yes, I did vote, absentee… for Scott Brown)

You should too.

One Response to “Why I voted for Scott Brown”

  1. B Howell


    It seems that quite a number of people have heard about Scott.