Why Does The Biden Cartel Fears Cubans?

Posted July 15th, 2021 by Iron Mike

He is a man without a heart – denying his own birthplace – Cuba.
Why does Biden and Mayorkas fear a new wave of Cuban refugees, – while welcoming migrant hordes from Central America…?

Mayorkas is 61,  – has been a successful lawyer in government and private practice all his adult life. Seems he’s forgotten his roots.

His parents fled the Ottoman Empire in the WWI era, – because GrandPa was Jewish and Jews were being persecuted as much as Armenians.  Grandpa settled in Cuba, – and built a steel wool manufacturing business in Havana.

The family was forced to flee again when Castro came to power – because by then they were ‘wealthy Capitalists’.  Alejandro had just been born.

America has been very good to Alejandro…., – so why does he fear the arrival of more refugees from Communist Cuba?

Because from the earliest days of Cuban refugees from Castro,  99% have become pro-Democracy self-supporting, pro-life Republicans.  Conservative anti-Communist Republicans.

Mayorkas isn’t really Cuban himself – he is Jewish,  – his father’s side from the Ottoman Empire;  – his mother escaped the Holocaust from Romania.

Refugee Mayorkas grew up in Beverly Hills,…and identified with Democrats.

And the Biden Cartel fully understands that a fresh wave of Cuban refugees will produce more Ted Cruzs, more Marco Rubios,  and more Ron DeSantiss….not more Mayorkass….

AND,  they know that modern Cuban refugees would still remember April 1961,  – the craven betrayal of Cuban Patriots by Democrat President John Kennedy at the Bay of Pigs.

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  1. Jim Buba

    Obviously, a Republican Horde would out-number the Democrat whored