Why Did Our Sheriff Eat His Gun?

Posted November 28th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Middlesex County Sheriff James V. DiPaola has had a very busy month.  First he won reelection on November 2nd.  Then he had a plan to ‘retire’ and draw his pension and still draw his salary.  Then in an epiphany he decided it ‘wouldn’t be right’ so he decided he would just retire.  Then yesterday he drove to the resort town of Wells, Maine, got a motel room, and typed out a note to his family. Then he ate his gun.

There are a LOT of unanswered questions, and I’ve got more than a few myself.

At first the problem seems to have been a loophole in the Massachusetts pension laws which would have allowed DiPaola to retire on a $98,000/ year pension and yet still serve another term as Sheriff and collect a salary of $123,000/ year.  Double dipping? 

But there was more.  It seems that the Middlesex Sheriff’s office is the only one in the Commonwealth with no room to house prisoners for the various police departments.  It seems that the Sheriff has spent his budget on lots of patrol cars, a SWAT Team, and a lot of other stuff the other county sheriffs manage to do without.  And there seems to be a large clerical staff, and a lot of special deputies.  

I noticed a couple of items on the Department Website [likely to be removed soon]

Before serving as State Representative, DiPaola was an eighteen-year veteran of the Malden Police Department, serving with distinction as a patrolman, a sergeant and as an undercover narcotics detective. In addition, DiPaola has also served over 25 years in the United States Military Reserves.

I began to wonder if he is also getting or is due a pension from the Malden Police Department?

And as a military man myself, I thought the wording “United States Military Reserves” a bit odd, in that it didn’t state Army, Navy, Air Force, etc, nor did it specify “Reserve” or “National Guard”.  So was the good sheriff a drilling reservist for 20+ years – and thus entitled to a military pension too?  

So who will now audit and investigate the Middlesex Sheriff’s Department and the financial records of the deceased sheriff?  

We obviously can’t trust our newly elected Democrat State Auditor “Tax Cheat” Suzanne Bump.  That would be farce upon farce.

We can’t trust our newly re-elected Democrat State Attorney General, the ethically challenged Martha Coakley – who “didn’t see a thing” when a reporter was shoved to the ground directly in front of her on the streets of Washington, DC.  Her vision was obscured by the purse full of campaign checks she’d just collected form Big Pharma in her failed run for the US Senate.

We can’t trust the US Attorney General Eric Holder of the JUST-us Department, because DiPaola was white.  Holder could care less.

This would be a fine time for our newly re-elected Governor Dun-val Patrick to appoint a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR to audit the Sheriff’s Office and DiPaola’s financial records.  

Anybody think this will happen?  Or do you think they’ll bury the story with the body?

Another part of the official website states Sheriff DiPaola believes:

“There is no excuse for crime,
There is no justification for violence,
There is no solution without example.”

Hell of an example Jim!  There is certainly tragedy here,  but it’s not the loss of a good cop.  The tragedy is that so many people kept silent for so many years, and let this petty warlord continue to play his corrupt games with the citizens and the taxpayers.  And the Democrats kept reelecting him!

I for one sure hope the various police agencies decline to give him the “BIG COP” funeral.  Bagpipes should not play for this man!

Hey MazzWholes, if you’da voted with your HEADS instead of yer AZZES, you’d have Mary Z about to be your Auditor, and Jim McKenna as your next Attorney General, – and you’d be able to TRUST what they reported after their investigations.  

But noooo,  you had to vote for the DemocRats.  So now you’ve got Bump and Coakley – who will act upon the facts and the evidence just as the undertaker will on DiPaola.  They’ll wax them up, paint them up, and bury them.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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