Why Did Kerry Reinstate The Benghazi Four?

Posted August 21st, 2013 by Iron Mike

Stonewall Team
Because he knows after all these years that Congress is gutless? 

Or maybe just because he’s a lifelong pompous asshole?Kerry Lying in 1971

It would be hard to imagine a more stinging slap across the face of the American People, the families of the Benghazi Massacre victims,…
…or to the honest hard-working employees at the State Department, – but Lurch did it.

He reinstated to full duty [albeit to other jobs] the Hillary Clinton Liars Club – the four most associated with the failed / non-security of the Benghazi outpost, – and the failure of a relief effort to be mounted.

Of the four – the most obvious disaster is Charlene Lamb – who proved by testifying before Congress that she is nothing more that an EEO token – utterly incompetent to plan or monitor security for a grade school in a good neighborhood, – much less embassies in hellhole third world cesspools.

Scott Bultrowicz may have committed further perjury recently in a case involving the medical leave request by a State Dept security officer…. Frankly, I wouldn’t trust a sworn statement from any of them.

So why’d Kerry do it?

1.  Because he could?   As Obama’s too-obvious 2nd choice to be SecState,  was this his way of showing people around him that he can still ‘do something’ without getting permission from Susan Liar Rice or Obama himself?

2.  Has he quietly written off a second run at the White House in 2016 and 2020;  – so he just wants to cuddle up to Hillary?

3.  Was he told to by Susan Rice?  Ouch, – now THAT would sting!

4.  Were these dimwits threatening to go public with a book?

Whatever the reason, these career liars / career losers are back at work.

They’ve never missed a dime of income, and their pensions are still secure. If Hillary is elected in 2016 – they’ll become ambassadors. Ain’t cha proud?

4 Responses to “Why Did Kerry Reinstate The Benghazi Four?”

  1. MC

    Just when you think the cesspool of iniquity in D.C. couldn’t get any worse, it does. I wouldn’t be amazed if this wasn’t the Deal from the first.

    If the GOP isn’t up in arms over this, I think they all should be voted out – both republicans and democrats.

  2. Casey Chapman

    My first response is: ALL of the above. I cannot imagine Lurch doing anything that would actually make sense. He does not care, because he does not have to. Nobody is holding him responsible.

  3. Sam Adams


    This is the most plausible scenario I’ve seen yet.