Why did Huma FEAR for her LIFE?

Posted October 31st, 2016 by Iron Mike

Huma started out as a Muslim Brotherhood mole,  – became a Hillary admirer, ~ possibly ~ her lesbian lover, – and finally her totally trusted high-level State Department assistant and key insider.
Did she realize one day that she’d witnessed and been made part of too much evil?  Did the word ARKANCIDE suddenly take on a very personal meaning?

Strange things happen when evil people with different agendas start working together.

When you count the dead of WWII,  – it’s hard to believe that once Hitler and Stalin thought they could trust each other,  – to the point that Stalin let the Luftwaffe train in the Ukraine,  – flying from secret air bases in violation of the Treaty of Versailles.


In 1939 he even signed a Non-Agression Pact as the two of them planned to carve up Poland.  By the end of 1945 some 27 million Russians and 4 million Germans had died fighting….

– as a result of Hitler’s betrayal and Stalin’s poor judgment.


Whatever objectives Huma may have been pursuing when she first met Hillary,  things changed along the way.

She must have gloried in her new role,  – her new power,  – and her access to every top-level secret and decision our nation had. 

God only knows who she was telling.


Her marriage to NY Congressman Anthony Weiner – a Jew – certainly provided additional cover for her covert mission….  There can be no other explanation….


18 months after marrying Weiner, – Huma gave birth to a son.  Pregnancy and motherhood often brings profound changes to a young woman,  surging hormones and the smell of a new baby can often overcome ambition and ideology. 

We can only guess,  – but she stayed close to Hillary….


As an insider Huma had to have known all the details about Hillary’s various illegal plots – like Fast & Furious, the take-down of Mubarak and Gaddafi,  and the arms-smuggling operation being run out of Benghazi….

She had to have been fully aware – along with Cheryl Mills,  – that the security situation in Benghazi was terrible,  – and deliberately made worse by Hillary’s withdrawal of the quick-reaction team.

Did the cold,  indifferent manner in which Obama and Hillary sent Susan Rice out to lie to the world suddenly cause her to understand that to the Clintons and the Obamas,  – EVERYBODY is expendable and disposable.

Susan Rice on Sunday shows

As Obama and the Democrats in Congress,  – aided by the ‘Media’ deftly swept the massacre under the rug in the weeks before the 2012 Election,  – did a chill sweep over skinny Huma, – and shake her to the core?

Did she suddenly realize how deeply she’d waded into the quicksand,  – and how many rattlesnakes were all around her?

Did she suddenly feel a need for SPECIAL LIFE INSURANCE?


650,000 emails ÷ 48 months at State = 13,542 emails / month

650,000 emails ÷ 1468 days at State = 443 emails / day

If this trove of “Life Insurance” emails represents Hillary’s time at State,  – plus her off-campus side job of running the Clinton World Initiative (political slush fund),  it means that a daily average of 443 emails were stolen and then loaded into Weiner’s laptop.

That is a LOT of careful diligent work.   Huma was carrying around a busy thumb drive.





If Obama and the Clintons were certain there were no other troves of incriminating emails,  – Huma and Weiner would already be dead

That’s the ONLY way they do business.

BECAUSE it is certain that some of those emails CONCLUSIVELY PROVE that Obama was personally involved in planning,  executing,  and covering illegal activities and TREASON!

Please understand that the so-called “Arab Spring” which toppled the governments of Tunisia, Egypt, and finally Libya,  – were engineered and aided from the Obama White House.

Toppling a foreign government requires an Act of Congress,  – because it is an act of war.

Obama acted on his own – thanks to a compliant and permissive Democrat-controlled Congress.  Hillary and the State Dept, and the CIA were part of it.

There is a long list of people who willingly,  – some even eagerly,  – violated their OATH,  and broke our most serious laws.  Now as Trump looks like he ~ might ~ win,  there is real FEAR running through the halls at State….

James Comey knows he’s covered up too much.  I think he’s trying to come clean and make things right.

With just 7 days before we vote,  – wouldn’t it be nice if we had honest journalists and news networks…?

Can’t wait to see what WikiLeaks and Anonymous have to offer today!


4 Responses to “Why did Huma FEAR for her LIFE?”

  1. Panther 6

    If I were Huma I would be frightened for my life for sure. She frankly knows it all, not just “too much.” The next few days will be interesting.

  2. Ron Motta

    The dems HAVE to be in full panic mode! They can run all the ads featuring the “lovely” Moochells, Cheryl Mills and Donna-The Prima-Donna Brazile which will only go to further infuriate the independents into actually voting…this time! Expect Trump to win by 7% on the popular vote and over 320 electoral votes as America is wrestled back from the Linsky/Soros supporters!

  3. MC

    “Hillary’s #1 aide Huma Abedin” Undeniable ties to terrorist & 9/11 funders.


  4. Mt Woman

    Huma certainly knew that her emails were going to Anthony ‘ s computer, just like I know everything I sent to my laptop comes up on our home computer. We hear that Huma’s off the campaign trail, no kidding, she’s hiding from the Clinton’s. She too could be the next surprise victim of an axe murdered stalking the campaign trail. Huma knows staying close to the Clinton’s could be life altering.