Why Did Bob McDonald Tell A Lie?

Posted February 24th, 2015 by Iron Mike

When the TRUTH was perfectly acceptable,  another Obama Cabinet Secretary has told a lie;…because everybody wants to be a Green Beret?  Wasn’t being a West Point grad,  and an Airborne Ranger Captain in the 82nd Airborne enough glory?
McDonald  I was in Special Forces

It is a sad phenomena we soldiers see repeated over and over again,  – people claiming to be soldiers,  – claiming to be combat veterans,  and people claiming some elite status they never earned.  We call it stolen valor…. Now the Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs – Robert A. McDonald has fallen into the liar’s trap, – and of course it was caught on video.

Bob was doing a good thing at the time. 

He was in LA counting homeless vets, – when a man claimed to be former Special Forces,  – and somehow in that instant Bob needed to say ‘me too’….

Bob wasn’t in Special Forces. 

After graduating from West Point in 1975, he managed to graduate from the Army’s Ranger School [a significant accomplishment in itself] and spent the rest of his 5 year hitch in the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg.

McDonald's Lie

So the unnecessary lie becomes the unforced error – becomes the headline of the day – yet another Obama cabinet official caught lying.

Duty – Honor – Country?  Two out of three good enough?

Robert A McDonald

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