Why David Laffer Can Laugh At You

Posted June 22nd, 2011 by Iron Mike

Because liberal New York



Laffer – a 33 year-old drug user – executed 4 people on Fathers’ Day while robbing a the Haven Drug Store in Medford [Long Island] NY.

He won’t fry

Jan 09 Married - June 11 Arrested

New Yorkers will warehouse him for life.

They’ll pay for his defense and his multiple appeals.

If his drug addicted wife of 2½ years is pregnant, they’ll pay to raise and educated his kid. They’ll pay for his conjugal visits.

So MassHoles, – suppose this happened in Medford, MA, – not in Medford, NY? Would you be wishing we had the Death Penalty?

Four people executed as they huddled defenseless on the floor. Would you bother to learn their names, or just go about your business?

Sheffield - Ferguson – Taccetta – Mejia

It’s been 11½ years since Michael McDermott killed seven people at Edgewater Technologies, because he had a minor beef with the IRS.  Do you remember them?  You’re still feeding him.

Wife-shooter Richard Sharpe spent nine years demanding a sex change operation before hanging himself in 2009. Wife-strangler Robert Kosilek is still suing for one. You pay for every bit of it.

Yet liberals will patiently try to explain why a life sentence is ‘so much cheaperthan the litigation necessary for the death penalty. They say the electric chair isn’t a deterrent. They’re dead wrong.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Funny how liberals think: 

  They’ll fight and protest to make sure a mass murderer lives

    – and then they’ll fight and protest to insure a woman can KILL her unborn babyABORTION:  “Change you can BELIEVE in!”

UPDATE:  23 June – per Suffok County Poliec Commissioner Richard Dormer – Laffer is showing no remorse

UPDATE:  10 Nov 2011 – Laffer got LIFE with OUT parole.  His wife who drove the get-away car got 25 years. 

2 Responses to “Why David Laffer Can Laugh At You”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    In the state of Massachusetts, serial murderer, Whitey Bulger will not fry either. However, if he is put on trial in Oklahoma and/or Florida he could, that is if the Feds don’t screw up the prosecution, can you spell “Eric Holder”?

  2. Varvara

    Whitey Bulger / Perplexed Senior

    Whilst they (Feds) go through the indictments, trial, etc., we will have to pay for his medical care. At 81 or 82 years of age he certainly will have a few problems. Suppose he lives another 10 – 12 years behind bars. How much will this cost us/me?