Why Are Americans Buying Guns?

Posted January 9th, 2013 by Iron Mike

With 270,000,000 guns in our country, why would Americans be buying more?
New Gun Sales
Are there suddenly more hunters? More folks enjoying target practice or skeet shooting?  Here’s the biggest reason Americans are buying guns:

We have rightly come to fear our own government.

Our Federal Government HAS sent trained snipers to kill law-abiding citizens, and crashed tanks into the sides of dwellings.
Ruby Ridge and Waco

Fling GM Strike 1937Oh, you forgot Ruby Ridge and Waco?

Maybe you never learned about the Ludlow Massacre or the Flint GM strike where the National Guard set up machine guns?

We’ve had ‘liberal’ presidents before; – but none who ~ might ~ be foreign-born, is probably Muslim, and an overt follower of Saul Alinsky.Dictator

We’ve never before had a president who saw himself above the Constitution. We’ve never before had a would-be dictator.  Never one this angry at our people and our history.

Dictators and tyrants prefer their subjects be disarmed.  Thus the attempt to turn the mad violence of Sandy Hook into a too-convenient crisis requiring federal action to outlaw and seize weapons from law-abiding Citizens.

Bypass Congress

BY-PASS CONGRESS!?!?   Biden is a well-known fool.  But he wouldn’t have made this statement if this cabal of socialist gun-grabbers weren’t talking about it – talking a lot about it!
Obama Cabal

My advice to good Americans is to arm yourself, horde your ammo, and resist with every legal means at your disposal.

But stay mindful of what this government has done in the past, and how utterly ruthless Obama is.  NEVER give him any ‘benefit of the doubt’!
2011 Deaths

7 Responses to “Why Are Americans Buying Guns?”

  1. Walter Knight

    Oh good grief!

    The reason people should arm themselves is not fear of our American government. People should be armed because of criminals living next door, and down the street.

    If you rely on calling 911 to save you, the Sheriff won’t get there in time.

  2. Sam Adams

    I respectfully disagree with Mr. Knight.
    The founders intentions were to ward off the possibility of an overpowering government.
    The possibility of a society of belligerents set loose because of circumstances created by tyrants in Washington may cause us to seek protection in our homes, but it’s the government at its highest level that’s out of control, and President Zero and his toadies are just looking for an incident they can pin on our Second Amendment that they know we will defend.
    We may well be in that position sooner than you think.

  3. Sam Adams


    Watch this short video. Bet you never knew this happened in America not too long ago!

  4. Walter Knight

    Good morning Sam.

    I’ve seen the video before. Athens of the Old South might as well be another country compared to now.

    I live in a small county of about 60,000 people, too, where we know our deputies by their first names, and they know us. Shooting it out with them, even if I’m pissed-off about something, would not only be a comepletely foreign concept, it would be immoral.

    America isn’t Syria, and we aren’t the Black Panthers or KKK. Yes, our forefathers feared tyrants. But today, arming ourselves is necessary for protection against criminals, no matter who gets elected.
    = = = = = = = = = == = = ==
    Walter, as a frequent commenter here, I’m somewhat disappointed in your 21st Century views toward our 2nd Amendment.

    Our founders thought long and hard, then very carefully crafted the words of our various Amendments.

    They fully understood that the uniqueness of our 160 years without a king – and without a king’s army – was the ONLY thing that had allowed the ideas of freedom and private property to evolve.

    Prior to that – everything and everyone was “the King’s…”

    While I don’t expect Obama to station troops in our homes, he IS monitoring our phones, our emails, and the websites we visit. He wants to monitor what we buy – for insurance, for fuel, for automobiles, for food, and for self-protection.

    We absolutely need our guns – and lots of ammo – to protect ourselves from over-zealous would-be dictators – two of which live in the White House today.

  5. Walter Knight


    Let’s at least agree to deport Piers Morgan.

  6. Walter Knight

    Fifty shades of conservative? Can we at least agree to deport Piers Morgan?

  7. Walter Knight


    This news story today about a woman defending herself and family from a burglar is perfect timing for this discussion on why we need to be armed. If you rely on the police to save you, they won’t get there in time.