Whose Side Are The Gods On?

Posted May 20th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Hurricane Sandy [with slobbering help from Chris Christy] probably saved Obama’s re-election – despite the Benghazi Massacre.
Working Weather
Now it looks like a series of massive tornadoes across Oklahoma will suck the oxygen out of the news of the Congressional hearings,…unless you pay attention!
Meanwhile, we’ll pray for the departed and the survivors of Moore… God grand them Peace!

3 Responses to “Whose Side Are The Gods On?”

  1. Walter Knight

    Not only does weather reporting increase when Obama wants to water down the news, but so do NASA reports.

  2. Casey Chapman

    The idiots on the left are trying to sell their global warming crap again because of the tornadoes. Obama loves a big storm. Good distraction.

  3. Hugh

    Firstly as a devout Roman Catholic, you know that actually believes in the tennets of my faith, I believe in one God the Holy Trinity and not in Gods – like our neo pagan hedenist Liberals believe. All I can say Mike is pray for our brothers and sisters who are suffering. I find their faith and resilience inspiring.


    I do Hugh, I do…