Whom The Gods Would Destroy…

Posted January 22nd, 2014 by Iron Mike

                    …they shall first elevate!
Christie Davis McDonnell
Three rising political stars suddenly find themselves caught up in controversy, lies, and even criminal investigations.  It cuts across party lines.  Some may be essentially unfair, – some are self-inflicted.  The Court of Public Opinion can be much harsher than a jury of your peers…

Liberal (RiNO) Republican Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie was until last week a strong contender to lead the GOP against the Hillary Clinton machine in 2016.
 Chris Christie Dawn Zimmer Kim Guadagno
But first a series of e-mails proved that his Chief of Staff Bridget Anne Kelly was behind the deliberate traffic jam which snarled the approach to the George Washington Bridge last September. 

To his credit, he fired Bridget, and in a 2-hour press conference – took full responsibility.   It was a magnificent performance, – and it should have been enough to end the story.

But suddenly, other stories surfaced.  Hoboken’s democrat Mayor Dawn Zimmer is now claiming that Christie’s LtGov Kim Guadagno had attempted to pressure the Mayor into accepting a Christie-backed industrial development on rubble-strewn vacant industrial land,  – and threatening to hold up Hurricane Sandy funds if she didn’t.

Given the 200 years of hard-ball New Jersey political history – this would have been a hoo-hum story buried on Page 7.   But with the bridge scandal “Bridgegate” still simmering, and the liberal press smelling Republican Blood on the Jersey Shores,…suddenly it’s a NATIONAL STORY!!!  

True?   Who knows…?   It’s at best a she-said / she-said story about a conversation in a parking lot.  You can be sure that other democrats across the state will be emboldened to come forward with their own stories.   Remember that TRUTH is not the goal, – President Hillary is!


Texas Gold Digging State Senator Wendy Davis – recently became famous for her 11 hour filibuster [wearing adult diapers] to defeat a Republican bill banning abortions AFTER week 20.
Golddigger Wendy Davis
11 hour filibuster

Suddenly she was the darling of
pro-abortion Democrats nationwide!

Her ‘compelling life story’ of being a divorced teenage mother living in a trailer, – and working her way through college and Harvard Law School certainly enhanced her stature as a ‘Champion of Women Everywhere’.

She announced her run to become
Governor of Texas.

But her story of heroic against-the-odds struggle has been blown apart.

Yes, once again a Democrat has LIED, – and embellished a résumé.   Where have we seen that before?

True, – Wendy became pregnant as a teenager and married teenager Frank Underwood.  She divorced him two years after her daughter Amber was born.  So far, so good…

Then she met and married an older man – Jeff Davis.  She had his daughter – Dru,  a year later and Jeff adopted Amber.  A perfect family?  It would have seemed so,…  Jeff paid for Wendy to go to college – and on to Harvard Law School.

But something wasn’t quite right….  The day AFTER Wendy’s last law school loan payment was made, – she walked out – ALONE [without her daughters] – and divorced her sugar daddy.

THAT is the textbook definition of a GOLD DIGGER!

Gold Digger CartoonYoung Wendy traded the use of her body for a ticket out of the trailer park – through college, – and through Harvard Law. 

Hardly a ‘champion of women’ – if she abandoned her own two (2) daughters to pursue her legal and political career!

Wendy is unabashed. Now caught in her web of lies, – she is saying she should ‘be more careful’ about statements.  She still wants to be governor of Texas.  [Ugh! Gross!]


Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen have just been indicted by the Department of Justice on 14 counts of corruption.  This one will live in the headlines all the way through 2016 – and that’s probably why Eric Holder did it!
Holder Charges Bob McDonnell
If the blogs and gossip mills are to be believed – even in part – McDonnell and his bride are no models of modesty or simple living.  He’s ~ probably ~ an arrogant fool, and she’s ~ likely ~ a snitty bitch.

But their singular crime may have been being Republicans in Virginia – so very close to Obama’s Cartel Headquarters.

The case revolves the too-close relationship the McDonnells developed with start-up drug manufacturer Jonnie Williams Sr, – his company Star-Scientific, and their chief product – a quit-smoking product called AnatablocThe friendship got way too cozy [for a governor] and too many expensive gifts and favors were given.

At some point McDonnell ~ should ~ have been smart enough to understand that you don’t vacation at someone else’s lake home, – then drive home in their Ferrari – without somebody assuming you’re doing illegal favors.

Now the Governor,  who was being compared to Bill Weld, Mitt Romney, and Scott Walker,  – was being considered as a rising GOP future superstar, – is headed for endless hearings in Federal Court – and probably a $1 Million dollar legal bill.   Of course the Feds will try getting wife Maureen to become a witness against her husband. 

Holder’s REAL OBJECTIVE is to keep the McDonnells in the headlines through November 2016.  Justice and a conviction are secondary to keeping Obama’s failures, lies, and cover-ups out of the press.

Since Virginia is still a swing state,  Hillary eager for anything that discolors the GOP brand.   So Bob, even if you are technically innocent, – you are really one dumb shit!  Damn you!

Folks,  between the ‘cover Obama’s tracks’ campaign,  and the ‘here comes Hillary’ campaigns, – you should expect more McDonnell-type indictments of prominent Republicans. 

Democrats NEED a smoke screen to hide behind if they have any hope of winning in 2016, – and staying out of jail in 2017.   Many of them have committed treason, – and if a REAL Republican wins in 2016, – there won’t be enough trees for them to hide behind – starting 3 years from today.

UPDATE:    Monday 27 June 2016   The US Supreme Court overturned McDonnell’s conviction by a unanimous decision.

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  1. Casey Chapman

    Wendy Davis ALSO had a catheter up in her plumbing, so to speak. No wonder she could whine for so long. And now she has been caught padding her resume. Well, having lived through Princess Spreading Bull’s campaign, I’m not surprised. I just hope Texans have more sense than Massachusetts voters do.